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[MELB] solo biker chick

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by frecklz, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. Howdy,

    I went on a ride a few months back with some of you blokes on my first ride to Black Spur on my CB250. I've now upgraded to a Kwaka GPZ 600 and am dying to test it out with a few peeps.

    I'm too nervous to go to one of the coffee nights on my own, so am hoping to gain confidence on here. :)

    See you on the road soon!

  2. Hello Frecklz and welcome to Netrider!!
  3. where are you from?
    which coffee night do you want to go to?
  4. Hello Frecklz, i remember you. You did a brilliant job keeping up on your 2fiddy all day! Didn't you go with the main bunch to Eildon?
    I hung around in the Spur and hooked up with you again on the way back, only to watch you get left behind at Healesville.
    Good to hear about your updrade, you're gunna have some fun on the six. You'll be able to keep the boys honest.

  5. Dont be afraid to come to any of the coffee nights. Most people dont bite, unless you want them to. :LOL:
  6. Welcome to NR..

    Dont forget to put your location in your profile .. :grin:

    Then we know where you are at and which coffee night we can guide you to..
  7. oops!

    Thanks for the replies!

    Location updated. :) I'm in Glen Iris.
  8. Hi Freckz.

    Plenty of rides around, if you want to head down this way we'd be happy to have you along :)
  9. Hi Frecklz, Welcome to NR.
  10. Welcome to NR :)
  11. Hello again Frecklz.

    I also remember you from the Eildon run, which was a good day all around. You should get along to the Tuesday night Boronia coffee nights at Marks Place. You may get molested by Scumbag, but he's pretty harmless really. :grin: You would be welcomed. There were a few neebies there last week (Rabbit, Trinity, Poweraddict), so it's not just all old hands.
  12. WOOT!

    Not sure if I feel less scared... but I'm much more comfy now, so that's a good thing.

    I'm off to Perth for two weeks on holidays so will catch up for a coffee night or somethin' when I get back.

    Thanks for all the welcomes. :)
  13. Hey! Speak for yourself Cambo, I bite... sometimes don't break the skin tho :LOL:
    If anyone know's what movie I'm refering to pl's tell me... I've forgotten the name of it & it'll drive me crazy!
    I think it's got Eddie Murphy in it.
    *mumbles something abt fifty first dates & a crappy memory*
  14. Welcome girl. :grin:

    You been able to get to one of the coffee nights yet?
  15. Yup I went to one of the St. Kilda coffee nights but apparently it was someone's 30th birthday that night so was a quiet one and most people there were pretty cliquey.

    But I'll give it another go...
  16. Hey frecklz, you've hit the spot (groan) :LOL:

    Welcome to Netrider.
  17. That ones died in the arse. Better off trying the Tues or Thurs nights instead.
    You wont find em as cliquey as well. :p
  18. Like ANY coffee night, rock up a few times, be nice in the forums, post a hello in that nights coffee thread, be nice at the coffee and the cliques dissappear.

    Monday night is the best though!
  19. Not a biased opinion there of course :p
    Tuesday's pretty good - especially when we get the odd western flyins :grin:

    Welcome to Netrider Frecklz :)
  20. LOL! No, not biased at all.

    Hey, are you calling me odd?