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[MELB] SOLD - Honda NSR150SP $3500 (LAMS approved)

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by Morbo28, Jul 4, 2009.

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  1. SOLD now, cheers.

    I thought I'd put up a thread about my NSR150SP for sale, since it has popped up in other people's threads!

    I'm upgrading soon, and I had planned on keeping this bike until spring. But if the price is right, I would let it go sooner.

    It's been a great bike for me, I will be really sad to let it go :( It's been fantastic as a very capable learners bike. I've looked after it well, it's really agile, great powerband. It's narrow so perfect for commuting (read: filtering :wink:). Loves riding through the twisties. It handles highways/freeways okay, will sit at 120 no worries (I've had it to 175 indicated at Broadford track) but it's much more suited to twisties, city, suburbs - eg loves riding through the spurs etc.

    So we don't have to play games about how much I will REALLY take for it, I've mapped it out below :grin:

    I bought it for $4100.
    I am selling it for $3500.
    In reality if you waived $3300 in cold hard cash under my nose and wanted to buy it there and then - I'd take it. Anything lower and I'd keep it until spring.

    - Location: Hawthorn
    - 2001 Honda NSR 150 SP
    - REGO UNTIL OCT 2010! (it's due in 2 months so I'll pay it)
    - 150cc two stroke
    - 24,000ks. I have owned it since 11,000ks.
    - Full Tyga exhaust system - pipe/expansion chamber and can. Sounds great! It feels like it revs better and has more top end power, but never got around to measuring this on the dyno.
    - Brand new model-specific K&N filter to come with bike (in box)
    - Replaced brake pads at 20,000Ks with SBS sintered pads. The originals were still okay, but pretty wooden. These have much better feel and power.
    - I have fitted Yoshi rearsets (one gold anodised, one black anodised :LOL: ) but the original pegs will come with the bike (or I could fit them before sale).
    - I have taken off the pillion pegs, but they come with the bike (or I could fit them before sale)
    - Tyres - I got rid of the crappy plastic tyres that were on there and replaced them with bloody sticky Dunlop TT900GPs (see my thread on them here. The front still has heaps of meat on it, the rear is getting squared off and would need replacing in a few months.
    - I replaced chain and sprockets at around 18,000Ks
    - I replaced the fork seals at about the same ks. And upgraded the fork oil from small-asian-frame 6W to more-realistic-westerner 18W. Much better front end response now.
    - I have always used the best - Motul 710 two stroke oil. It's oil injected, so just fill up fuel normally from a pump and keep the oil reservoir topped up.
    - The top end had been rebuilt just before I bought the bike, but I also did a top end rebuild at 21,000ks. Easy job with basic tools and basic mechanical knowledge. Took me a couple of hours, and using Tyga rebuild kit, cost under $200.
    - Tail tidied up a little and has better, smaller indicators (Put on after I took the pics :roll: )



    Heaps more pics on there - 360 view and some cool ones I found while dealing with the pics on my computer :grin:

    See here (clicky)

    Full disclosure!
    I have never had it on it's side, though there is evidence that the first owner did - there is a very small dent on the left hand side of the tank where the end of the 'bar hit it and some scratches on the left hand fairing. There is one mounting screw missing from a fairing. I never bothered to replace it, as it does not affect the security of the fairing mount.

    You can see the missing screw (near the indicator) and fairing scratch in the pic below:

    And the tank dent below (the small dent - the big ones are meant to be there :wink: :LOL: )

    I have had the bike at one track day at Broadford. If I keep this until after September it will have also done a track day at Phillip Island. It's a bloody little ripper bike to take to a track day :grin: Apart from that I use it to get to work and weekend / multi day rides.

    Starts first kick in warm weather. Up to five or six kicks in cold weather. Give me some warning if you want to see it it and it will be cold for you to try.

    People warned me incessantly that two strokes need heaps of maintainence, but most have never owned one, or maybe owned a 1970s 2 stroke! All you need to do is an easy, cheap top end rebuild every 12,000Ks (mine cost <$200 to do myself), keep a new spark plug in it (~$6 each) and make sure you keep two stroke oil in the reservoir (~$28 for 1L bottle every 800-1000Ks).

    You are welcome to test ride it in the small car park next to our flat. You'd be up for the excess if you bin it, and I'll keep your keys and wallet while you do it in case you do a runner to QLD :grin: Feel free to bring along an expert friend / mechanic :) Please only come if you are seriously considering buying it though, I'd prefer not to have waves and waves of tyre-kickers coming around :grin:

  2. Edit: price dropped to $3500 :)
  3. Edit: After people were asking, included Rego details. Reg is due in Oct, but I will pay that.

    So bike has 13-14months Rego :)
  4. Just out of interest, did you park this bike on Camberwell/Burwood Rd a lot?
  5. No, but I have noticed either two or three around my area!

    There was one guy who I think lived on Power St, another who used to park at Swinburne and one time a postie stopped me for a chat coz she owned one too.

    Strange, as before that it was pretty rare that I'd see these around.
  6. Edit: Sold now, cheers all.

    ...I'm a bit sad, I really liked that bike :(

    Oh well, the Tona wil help take the edge of the pain I guess... :cool:
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