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[Melb] SOLD 91 VT250L Spada 37500km RWC+8mth Reg $3250

Discussion in 'Archived' started by DTwo, Sep 3, 2009.

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  1. My trusty Spada is for sale

    I have setup/used this bike to chase (and sometimes lead :LOL: ) my more experienced, larger biked friends through the mountains on weekends.

    No expense has been spared to ensure the bike would be utterly reliable/dependable mechanically, whilst also handling and braking as well as money can reasonably make it.

    It is an Australian sold Spada (not a Japanese import/"Sumoto parts bin" special) and includes it's original factory tool roll, Owners manual and has not been resprayed or tarted up like many Spadas.

    Frankly, I have spent no time or money on the bike cosmetically, as I was sure at some stage I would either drop or throw it down the road during my ownership (somehow I managed to avoid either).
    It is a clean honest bike, it has minor dents in the tank and scratches from previous learner owners, It has a cracked rear left plastic/duct, a perfect replacement plastic/duct is included in the sale (although it will need painting).

    Comes with
    -Current Roadworthy Certificate
    -Registered to June 2010
    -Megacycle exhaust (think, loud poor man's Ducati in sound)
    -Braided front brake line (improves front brake feel)
    -Dunlop GPR10 alpha tyres front and rear (front is 5659km old, rear is two weeks/200odd kms old)
    (the most aggressively wearing,highest grip tyres available that fit the rims, about the most expensive too)

    I have $2000+ worth of receipts in under 18 months.....

    Maintenance highlights would be,
    -Valve Clearances done, Carbs balanced, timing chains and tensioners inspected, forks drained and heavier oil added at 31841km
    -New Chain, front and rear sprocket replaced at 35203km
    -Has been serviced and had its rear tyre replaced when put in for a RWC 37250km some two weeks ago.

    The bike should be very reliable, I could ride it to Sydney tomorrow without hesitation (although maybe needing a spine transplant when I get there :) ).


    For new riders unfamiliar with Honda Spadas (or unable to use the forum search function here :) ),

    The Honda Spada was the slightly sportier/more powerful predecessor to the
    They are a small 145kg (dry),6sp 40hp 13500rpm 2cyl 8v watercooled vtwin, With a very low seat height.
    They have an 11lt fuel tank which will get 2-240km between fills
    It is one of the "quicker" more flexible 4stroke 250s around, with it's light weight, strong frame and reasonable suspension it is an excellent handling bike.
    The following links are to an old "Two Wheels" magazine Spada review

    The Honda Spada can be considered a very good beginners bike as they are light and easy to manage.

    Mine is probably better suited to a keen rider who wishes to exploit the features of this bike (super grippy tyres etc).

    I am happy to allow test rides (BYO gear!), providing the interested party appears to know how to ride and is not a tool or tyre kicking :)
    for less confident riders I am happy to throw them on the back and take them through Warrandyte/round the block.

    Delivery can be arranged anywhere around Melbourne,

    The price as per the thread title is $3250

    I am located in Doncaster,
    Please PM or email me at bmcded@gmail.com

    Edit: Corrected spelling, rego month was incorrect (was one short)
  2. Trying to sell my bike at the moment and am very interested in your Spada as I was looking to buy one after the sale. I have a guy coming to look at mine this weekend so if all goes well I will message you shortly.
  3. Took one of these for a run on the weekend and it was a hoot!

    I'd say it spins up a bit more than the VTR too. Good luck with the sale!
  4. Re: [Melb]Honda 91 VT250L Spada 37500km RWC+8mth Reg $3250

    The bike has been sold.

    Thanks to everyone who expressed interest.
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