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[Melb] Sneaky spin and a bite to eat, Sat 27th Jan

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, Jan 26, 2007.

  1. I cannot express to you how much I miss my bike. It's driving me f*cking bonkers not being able to just go out for a hoon. I'm getting daily lectures from my folks about how idiotically stupid I'd be if I bought another bike, but I've turned into a drooling pervert if I even see a shitty old 250 farting its way down the street.

    Well, mother and father have gone out of town for the long weekend, so I plan to have a f*cking ride. Chengaleng is bringing her Suzy handbag over and my spare gear, and with the aid of panadeine forte and ibuprofen my plan is to head out on a meander over St. Kilda way leaving here (East Malvern) about 12pm, grab a bite to eat and a coffee, and just cruise a bit.

    I'd love some company, especially if there's anyone on a bigger bike who can pillion Chengaleng for the arvo. I won't be going fast or being silly, and I might have to stop now and then (doubt it), but I'm taking my opportunity where I sees it.

    So yeah, if anyone wants to join me, just leave a note in this thread or PM me and I'll PM you my folks' address here in East Malvern as the start point, it's easy to find.

    :twisted: :grin: :grin: :twisted:

  2. Hey Loz, count me in..

    Cheng can jump on the back of the SV if she wants.

    Will need you tp PM your parents address.
  3. Dood, warms my heart to see this thread.
    If i could spell incorrigible i'd use it here.
    Have a good ride mate, I'd be there with a bell on if i could.
    Don't let your parents find your diary, and they'll be none the wiser. :wink:

  4. Re: Sat lunchtime: Anyone up for a sneaky spin and a bite?

    heya Loz,
    truly think it would be best for you to recover properly before riding again.
    despite this, and i hope i am not encouraging you,
    it would be good to catch up.

    have plans for saturday morning,
    and if i get those sorted i would like to join you guys.
  5. I agree that would be ideal mate. It would also be ideal to have a proper bike to ride instead of a handbag. But I don't feel a short ride is beyond me and my riding glands are backed up like a catholic priest's bollocks.

    Maybe we'll trundle down to the beach where I can lie down for a bit. Be good to catch up witchoo guys.
  6. I would have gone...BUT ive lent my bike to my brother in law for a few weeks....he is going for his solo license so he can get to ride one of them bigass BMW things
  7. Good to see ya wanting to get back in the saddle. Only one word of caution, if you're gonna be drugged up to deal with any pain, take extra care while riding. Your reactions may not be up-to-scratch thanks to the drugs.

    Enjoy. :)
  8. Thanks Dale yeah I'm prepared for that, I'll save the pills 'til theyre absolutely necessary :)
  9. he is also going to be on a bike thats 100 x slower anyway....he still has lotsa reaction time left...even on his drugs!!!!
  10. Yeah take it easy Loz, I know not riding is a pain in the butt, but riding might be a bigger pain in the *ss. :wink: :)
  11. I'm up for this if I get up early enough :grin:
  12. could be a tagger for this. Waiting in a call from a mate and will go from there..
  13. PMme ya big Lezzo bear and i'll join then go to Yarra blvd afterwards
  14. Loz mate How did you go?

    And did you avoid getting into more trouble? :p
  15. Well, I'm in a whole new world of hurt and I'm gonna sleep real well tonight but I'm bloody happy I got out for a trundle. Thanks to all the guys who came along, especially Glippy and Karel for taking Chengaleng pillion so I could flog her poor Suzuki around the place, and PNUT, Realm and Roarin for braving the pockets of bucketing rain down the freeway to join us.

    Good to get out and see Lenna too. Damn it, just good to get out of the f*cking house, even if I looked like a complete nonce in my old-skool leather jacket, dress shoes, open face lid and yellow sunnies, grinning like mad at the hassidic jews through balaclava and wobbling through the yarra bouli twisties.

    I might wait a while before I do it again though, every bump on the road sent a rocket of ouch up my date and I'm completely rooted now. But I'm wearin' a big ol' smile! :)
  16. OUCH Loz. hehehehhe good to see you had a ball. Im spewing i didnt get my as out of bed and join you but i was tired for some reason. i think someone drugged me.

    I hope your freckle is ok and gets better.

  17. Awww maaaan!!! I missed this. Woulda loved to have joined you guys on the first broken tailbone ride!

    Glad you made it ok and had some fun man.

    Cheers bro.
  18. good to hear you had a blast
    hope you didnt get caught by the folks
    sorry i couldnt be there
    take it easy

  19. I must say, it was one hell of a sight to see Loz in his old gear.

    A fun day, and great to see Lenna too :)

  20. Mad bugger