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[Melb]Smash repairers

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by bullet21, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. hey all,

    the inevitable happened, and i have stacked my zzr250. I was practicing wheelies in a lot when i over revved one and dropped it. :oops: :cry:

    But you live and learn, thankfully i nor none of my friends were hurt. Now i gotta fix my baby up and am just looking for a good repairer. Please share with me your experiances with certain repairers.

    Damage includes:
    - Busted tail light and scrathed rear fairing
    - Cracked left rear set (gear selector)
    - Cracked left side mirror
    - Scraped left side fairings
    - Left muffler also slightly out of line
    - Dent in left side of fuel tank

    as you can see most damage is on left side some on rear. Right side and front is perfect. Mechanically it seems unchanged as well, it still rides smoothly.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Original Finish in Kilsyth 97618033 - canterbury road
  3. thank you my man, i will check em out, ive been to a few others ODC & Dynoverks but they were both closed. I think it must be for the holiday season or something.
  4. Ian is good, just make sure you give him the time he needs to do it in & don't rush it.
  5. who is Ian? where does he work?
  6. They dont do their own repairs, they farm them out afaik
  7. Original Finish in Kilsyth 97618033 - canterbury road
  8. Melbourne Motorcycle Fairings in Spotwood (West Melb).
    Charged me about $200-$250 for each fairing (plastic weld and paint), fixed brake leaver, mirror & engine casing.
  9. melbourne motorcycle fairings lied to my face to get my job done on the cheap.

    Told me the 'young kid' de stickered my top fairing, so it neeed to be totally resprayed.

    Problem was there is no stickers on my top fairing, they used the fairing i supplied for parts, and hacked up my original, without telling me

    Very bad form boys