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[Melb] Sidecar Training day at Broadford, Dec 11th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by jdaley, Sep 28, 2005.

  1. Vic. Sidecar Training Day Sun 11 Dec. 2005 Broadford
    Want to play on a road racing sidecar? The day has come around again, put your backside trackside.
    The sidecar club are running this great day again.
    Costing just $60 and includes lunch.
    You will need full leathers, one or two piece, helmet, boots, back protector and gloves.
    [ we may have some spare]
    Call Ben on 9548 7234 or Barb on 9578 8971

  2. Entries are coming in, so if you want to challenge a mate, now is the time to do it!!
  3. VTRElmarco, do you read? over.
    Scumbag, do you read? over.
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  4. Bookings have been coming in, who has met the challenge?
  5. We had 50 customers with more willing to join but we had to limit the numbers.
    We had 20 sidecars across all ages including a moto Xer I took along.
    A Great time was had by all.
    Those who can still walk today are invited to the Tower Hotel for free beer tonight to celeebrate.

    Also, for those seriuously interested we have created a group of experienced people to build sidecars so they are available for others to complete and go racing.

    The plan now is to build a prototype with 13" rims with
    fabricated steel hubs and engine plates for either Honda 750 or Yamaha 650 engines. The frame will have lugs for the recommended shocks but no mounting points for the disc calipers, we will leave that to the purchaser.
    We will have a recommendation for the discs and shocks to be used.
    Calipers will be left to the purchaser to supply but there may be a reccomendation.
    We have moulds for all Glass available in the traditional style, seat, mudguard passenger nose and front fairing.
    They can be ordered separately from the frame.

    We shall build in lots of 5 to keep costs reasonable and at this stage we are still working on the costings.
    In a nutshell we shall supply a primed rolling chassis with 13" rims but no tyres.
    The purchaser will need to supply the following;
    Discs, Calipers, sprockets, tyres, fairings.
    Call 03 9888 5297 if interested