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[MELB] Should I wear my wets today?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by murchy, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. Should I? =[

  2. It's just water you pussy.
  3. I haven't. Copped less than a minute of it on my way in. So far so good. Keep a pair of waterproof overpants under your seat just in case for a rainy day :)

    Only problem is my shoei pinlock visor system has somehow lost it's antifog capability. Seems like it's worked it's way a tiny bit loose where it sticks to the visor at the bottom. I guess I need a replacement pinlock.

    ^^ AK has hit the head of the nail. Next thing you'll start talking about heated grips haha
  4. My socks are still wet from this mornings ride in to work everything else stayed dry though
  5. :-s...you wearing sneakers?

    Rode in today...was clear for the first 5 mins and then copped the ugly misty rain. It isn't too bad until you pass 8-10 trucks spraying an even thicker and dirtier splash of rain at you. I could see droplets of brown dirt forming on my visor and more so when I wiped my visor with my thumb wiper. Got to work okay, either side of the hips were rather damp and inside of my arms where there is no leather (just stretch kevlar stuff for easy movement and ventilation). My Draggins are now drying up and hopefully the kevlar dries up on the jacket.
  6. Well you're the one who chooses to live in Melebourne, mate.:nopity:
  7. Nah my moto boots first time the wet has gone through them in a year and a half and I ride every day.

    Might be an excuse to get a new pair :)
  8. Given you're from Melbourne I thought you'd have at least had them with you at all times.
  9. Yes, put your left leg in your waterproof pants first.
  10. Nah, I didn't and only got damp on the way to work.

    Were from Melbourne, where used to it aren't we?

  11. get two supermarket plastic bags and put them over your socks before you put your boots on...

    Guaranteed dry feet.
  12. We are in Melb, on any given day there is a 50% chance of rain. ;)
  13. Well, If you live in Melbourne and commute every day (Like I do), you should carry rain pants with you all the time.
  14. I did. Lucky too, got rained on pretty hard on the way home.
  15. Good idea for a new set...swimming in water in your boots wouldn't be the best smell when you rock up to work haha.

    Might need to invest in a pair of rain pants...got to protect my phone from getting wet (I use it for music and control volume via touch through jeans).
  16. I think I got RJays's and for $30 you cant go wrong. Also saw rain pants advertised in Safety Wear Catalogue for $15 or something and some NR's have also purchased from Bunnings so a lot of options there.

    As for controlling volume via touch, I do the same, but I try not to listen to music during rain.
  17. I hear Sydney's weather isn't the best at the moment, so no cracks about Melbourne's weather LOL. At least the water isn't coming UP from the drains ATM.
  18. And tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday are going to be pretty good I see.
  19. I know, everyone hates the spelling nazi...
    But this post deserves special mention - good effort dude (y)
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  20. Yes you should. :p