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[Melb] Shortish Ride. Sun May 1st

Discussion in 'VIC' started by nodz, Apr 13, 2005.

  1. Ride still going ahead despite weather. Bureau still indicates early showers clearing, top of 19 degrees.

    Date: Sun May 1st 2005
    Time: 9:30am meet for 10:00am start
    Place: Maccas behind Caltex/Safeway Servo, Fountain Gate Shopping Centre, Melway 110 D5 - 1999 ed.
    Route: See Below

    Status of Participants
    Nodz, ApriliaGirl, Lids, VTRSteve, Nobby, NovaCoder, Jafu, Urban, Will, FZR600, Amanda, Amanda's Father, Tones, v00dsy, Tenoq, VTRElmarco, copper1000, MiPearson, cbdrno, Roamer, iwantabiggerbike, G, Brian26146, Cyrax, Scumbag.

    Maybes - Mrs Scumbag, Helldog, Kelly, BMWF650CS, CBRSteve's mates.

    Don't Know - Thundercat, Titania, Josh

    25 Yes
    3 (+6) maybe
    3 awaiting confirmation


    First Leg - Narre Warren -> Noojee
    1. L out of petrol station onto Overland Drive
    2. L onto Princes Hwy
    3. C along Princes Hwy to Berwick (5km, 5km)
    4. C along Princes Hwy to Beaconsfield (19.6km, 24.6km)
    5. C along Princes Hwy to Nar Nar Goon North (25km, 49.6km)
    6. L off Princes Hwy at Drouin (signposted)
    7. Immediate L at end of off ramp
    Sharp left, watch out for traffic approaching from the right. Need to get into right lane at the end of executing this turn in preparation for the right turn to Noojee
    8. R to Noojee (signposted, about 400m up road)
    Watch out for traffic approaching from the left. Its a reduced visibility corner over the hill
    9. C along C426 through Robin Hood to Main Neerim Road (8km, 57.6km)
    Watch out for this turn, as the T-intersection occurs halfway through this corner. There is very little time to straighten up before braking and executing the follwing left turn
    10. L onto Main Neerim Road (Signposted Neerim South 15km)
    About 2km up the road there is a 90 degree corner to the left. Reduced speed for learners probably required. More importantly, the sides of the road have been newly graded and there is gravel on the road. Extreme caution necessary as straying from lines might mean a slide in the gravel
    11. L at C425, C426 at Rokeby (22.2km, 79.8km)
    12. C through Neerim South, Neerim, Neerim Junction and road turns into/onto Yarra Junction - Noojee Rd at Piedmont
    Just after Neerim South the limit goes to 100km. Don't travel at this speed, not because of dangerous roads but you'll miss the excellent views. 80kmph was brilliant today cruising along the ridge. Once leaving Neerim Junction there is a wickedly steep descent. Learners should stick to the signposted limits. There's no hurry.
    13. C to Noojee (3.7km, 83.5km)
    14. L at Loch Valley Road
    15. Find appropriate place for rest stop

    Second Leg - Noojee -> Lilydale
    16. R at Yarra Junction - Noojee Rd (end of Loch Valley Road)
    17 C along Yarra Junction - Noojee Rd (31.5km, 115km)
    It's actually more a case of taking the right hand fork about 4km out of Noojee that you have already come past after taking the steep descent from Neerim Junction towards Noojee. This is signposted as Hazardous to Motorcycles. The first 15km is nice sweepers. Realm and myself cruised along here at about 80km/h although there were a few corners down at 60-70km/h. More experienced riders shouldn't have a problem. The next 10km or so is quite tight twisties. This is the section just before Powelltown. There are several 30-40km/h righthanders for the learner. The last 5km to Gladysville is back to sweepers.
    18. C along Yarra Junction - Noojee Rd to Three Bridges (8km, 123km)
    19. L onto Warburton Hwy at Yarra Junction
    20. C along Warburton Hwy (24.5km, 147.5km)
    All good road, watch out for the speed limits, down to 50 and 60kmh in some places. Bike cops were out in force today along this bit of raod. Watch out for the steep hills just before Seville and out of Seville, some of the 250's might struggle. Also keep to the 50km/h limit through Seville. Cops out in force again. Will be required to reduce speed towards the hill at the bottom of the roundabout in Seville. Watch out for traffic from the right and listen for the Fire station sirens. I believe that the fire truck senter the roundabout from this direction.
    21. L at S34 to Lilydale (2km, 149.5km)
    22. L at Anderson Street (1km, 150.5km)
    23. R at RND -> Swansea Rd

    If time permits and people want a smoko break can stop at Lilydale Lake Park which is by this Roundabout.

    Third Leg - Lilydale -> Narre Warren
    24. C along Swansea Rd (3.8km, 154.3km)
    25. C at 2nd RND at Swansea Rd (2.2km, 156.5km)
    26. C at 3rd RND onto Canterbury Rd (5km, 161.5km)
    27. L Dorset Rd, Bayswater North (6.7km, 168.2km)
    Watch out for the 40km/h limit through Boronia.
    28. L Burwood Hwy (1km, 169.2km)

    Those wishing to dash for home at end of Dorset Road can do so, those wanting to return to Maccas at Fountain Gate S/C can continue

    29. R Glenfern Rd (1.6km, 170.8km)
    30. R at RND to Lysterfield Rd
    31. C along past shops and striaght through traffic lights at cross roads (4.2km, 175km)
    Best twisties on the ride IMO, but currently undertaking roadworks. Watch out for loose surface.
    32. L at Wellington Road (4.6km, 179.6km)
    33. R at RND Belgrave Hallam Road (6.6km, 186.2km)
    34. Cross Heatherton Road onto Narre Warren North Rd.
    35. C along Narre Warren North Road until reaching Princes Hwy (7km, 193.2km)
    36 R onto Princes Hwy towards Dandenong.
  2. I'd definitely be up for that, nodz.
  3. Will post dates when I can get my arse into gear to do something about it
  4. I'd be up for that. Make it in (early?) May or so :)
  5. Have been keeping an eye out for a learner ride to bring a friend of mine to for her first group ride. Could be this one if the dates mesh.

  6. I will be in it for a giggle, Mrs may even have a bike by then.
  7. Sounds good :D

    I'm in - work requirements permitting


  8. Count me in Nodz.

    :D :D
  9. Thought I might do this very early this sat morning just to see whether alright for a ride and to know where I'm going. Will then post a date when we might all go.
  10. WAITING!!!!!!!!

    You know better than that Rach.....get in there pick a route and organise that sucker........book it and they will come!!!!
  11. Re: Shortish Ride - Learner Friendly

    heya nodz,
    that definitely is a commendable idea.

    however, if the intent is to avoid twisties,
    you may want reconsider the suggested route.

    between Neerim and Powelltown there is a steep hill with well-wicked twisties
    and one of these loverly (sic) signs;

  12. Re: Shortish Ride - Learner Friendly

    based on your original route,
    here are a couple of alternatives to consider;

    (these are the roads i cut my teeth on)

    Narre Warren -> Berwick -> Beaconsfield -> Pakenham -> C0ckatoo -> Woori-Yallock -> Lilydale -> Boronia -> Narre Warren

    Narre Warren -> Berwick -> Beaconsfield -> Emerald -> Monbulk -> Mt. Evelyn -> Lilydale -> Boronia -> Narre Warren
  13. Sounds like a nice ride starting close to me for a change. Count me in...
  14. I want to go too, but wait for me till the bike seat trimmed and I do some practice on my bike first.

    See how I go, otherwise only can wait for next chance.
  15. On route #1, rather than going from C0ckatoo to Woori-Yallock , I regularly travel C0ckatoo -> Emerald -> Belgrave -> Narre Warren

    On route #2, normally travel -> Berwick -> Beaconsfield -> Upper Beaconsfield -> Emerald -> Belgrave -> Narre Warren.

    I wanted to travel a little further afield and somewhere I hadn't been before. Didn't want to avoid all the twisties, wanted some easy riding and some fun, as I said I'll go early Sat or Sun morning depending on weather and determine if my nerves can stand up to it...:LOL:
  16. You can do the twistiest road in the wrold with ease, it just depends at what speed you do it. If the ride is going to be on the slowish side then you have nothing to worry about!!!!!!!!

    BTW, sounds relaxed enough for me to stick my hand up!!
  17. Expressions of Interest so far
    Thundercat + Friend
    Scumbag + Missus

    PM if you have a preferred date to go.
  18. I don't have anything to do this weekend :cry: I'll be up for it :)
  19. I'd be interested if it is on a Saturday.

    I am working on Sundays for the next 6 weeks :(