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[Melb] Short Ride to St. Andrews - Sun 1st May [CANCELLED]

Discussion in 'VIC' started by firefling, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. Ride cancelled due to sh1tty weather

    We doing a ride going via Whittlesea->Kinglake West->Flowerdale->Yea->Kinglake->St Andrews (stop for lunch)

    This will only be a shortish ride.

    For those who knows how to get to Foxy's meet there at 9am, otherwise meet at maccas on cnr Plenty Rd and Kingbury St.
    ]First meet point
    Place: Foxy's place
    Time: 9am leaving 9:15

    Second meet point
    Place: Maccas, Plenty Rd and Kingsbury Drv (opposite corner to La trobe Uni).
    Time: 9:30am leaving 10

    Sorry Tenoq about the street name, thanks for correction :oops:
  2. Yey for Yea. love them twisties :):):)
  3. Was refering to Kinglake, and if you think there sweepers then I'd hate to see your definition of twisties
  4. Yep, sounds good. In which suburb is that Maccas located?
  5. Not sure where this route it going, will have to check it on a map, but a bunch of us (about 18 riders), are coming home from Bright via Mansfield, Reefton, etc. down to Yarra Junction and back down to the Latrobe Valley. If this ride of yours is on the way, we'll keep a lookout for you. Should be around the area, around early arvo.
  6. mjt57 - keep a look out as well for another ride. About twenty, with another 15 or so maybes will be riding up from Drouin to Yarra Junction via Powelltown on Sunday. Sounds like Yarra Junction is going to be a busy place.
  7. Hopefully if we meet it won't be head on, as it were. Not sure when we'll be passing through. We'll probably leave Bright around 10ish, depending on how big a night the lads have. It's the Bright Autumn Festival and Gala Parade on the weekend, and the pub will have a band. So, Sunday may be a slow one....

    Will probably get to YJ around 2ish at a rough guess.
  8. thats a good route, love the whittlesea corners and the fast section just before Yea. If i'm not hungover on sunday morning i'll be there :roll:
  9. If the weather looks fine then l will be at Macca's at 9.30
  10. Anyone? Kingbury St doesn't exist, according to Street-Directory.com.au - what's the dealio?
  11. Try Kingsbury.
  12. Ah, in which case it'd be Kingsbury Drv. Got it now - should see you guys there, assuming I don't get lost. Weather report is looking average at the moment, but it keeps changing! :p
  13. Minna thought ld let you know for future rides... theres a hungry jacks just a bit further along on Plenty Rd that we use as a good meeting point because it is open and easy to see riders from the road and its right near the ring rd exit :)
  14. My weekend / social life / liberty and enjoyment are over for this weekend!!

    I had planned on joining you for this ride but alas, saw a doctor today about my sore throat - had difficulty breathing this morning - and have been diagnosed with a viral infection. :shock:

    Unfirtunately that means minmal contact with other human beings so as I do not spread my germs and stay warm and rested. As opposed to lots of interaction, cold wind and lots of stress / exhiliration!

    I wish you all enjoyment and fun on Sunday. I'm sure you won't think of me curled up on the lounge like a sick little girl wishing her mummy was here to take care of her. :cry:

  15. Cancelled? Awwww... might have to go join Nodz then. Gotta ride somewhere, dammit! Weather forecast doesn't look too evil: showers clearing, at last check.
  16. Cancelled!!! :shock: The weather stated clearing shower and 19...l cant see it being that bad.

    Is it definately off or can we just check it out in the morning and take it from there???
  17. Re: [Melb] Short Ride to St. Andrews - Sun 1st May [CANCELLE

    And there I was thinking it was cancelled cos I was unable to make it.....
  18. Either way if its not raining l will go for a ride...l will check this in the morning.