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[Melb] Short ride to see Night Watch movie

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Scumbag, Oct 18, 2005.

  1. Ok people short notice post. :D
    I am going to go and see the movie Night Watch today at the 1.30 pm session at Reading cinemas Chirnside Park .
    I will be doing a little ride first. Up Mountain Hwy turn left onto Mt Dandenong tourist rd Then left onto Cantebury Rd, right into Mt Dandenong Rd, right into Dorset Rd, right into Maroondah Hwy to Chirnside Park.
    I will be departing at 1200 from the corner of Dorset Rd and Mountain Hwy (Dots Cafe).
    The ride should not take any more than about 45 mins leaving us (whoever shows) enough time for tickets and a quick break.
    I will be leaving home to get to the meet point at 1140.
    I can be contacted until then on 0412 071 924

  2. Re: Ride to see Night Watch

    I could very easily grow to dislike you, you jammy bastard :wink: Just a minute while I walk to the office window....Oh look, the sun is shining!
  3. Sorry Mark, by the way when you coming up to pick that stuff up?
  4. Just got back from the spurs and now a quick blat up Mountain hwy and a flick? Why the hell not.

    I'll see you at Dots.
  5. Re: Ride to see Night Watch

    Damn :evil: now whos's teasing who :p just as well I got out yesterday :D
  6. Looks like a great day for a ride and a great movie too. But let me guess, you had no intention of anyone actually joining you did you? :twisted:
  7. Now matt if I did not want anyone to join me then I would not have posted. But to be perfectly honest I did not actually expect anyone to turn up what with work and the such like. Tks to Urban, we had an enjoyable run up and down the roads I mentioned then back again then out to the movie.
  8. Damn you all to hell.... why couldn't you do this in the morning.... i'm home now UNTIL about 1230...
  9. And why couldn't you be home YESTERDAY when I went out riding in the morning :evil: :shock: :p :D