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(MELB) short notice- GOR sunday 4th Jan

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Slow Coach, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. I will be leaving the Westgate servo outbound at 9am.

    Will ride till lunchtime and then turn round and come back.

    Come join me.
  2. You know i was thinking about posting a ride down the GOR soon...I may have to join you...3 hours riding won't get you too far with sunday holiday traffic though?
  3. IS this advisable with all europeans on the wrong side of the road,
    this time of year?
  4. i may join you cam.. will see
  5. I have family read wife commitments. I am also paintballing for the first time in 6 years and the last time I did it I couldn't walk for 3 days! So riding may be a challenge.
  6. Bam-Bam that is if you have lunch at 12pm. Might have to eat later.

    Wal of course this is not advisable. Why else would I do it?
  7. Might come along if i dont go fishing. What class of ride is this as ive never done g.o.r.?
  8. That's it, I'm in :D

  9. It will be about a level 3. But you managed the st Andrews road. The GOR will be ok just take it at your pace safely.
  10. Ideally Wal, the Europeans wouldn't drive on the wrong side of the road at any time of the year, but that's not going to happen. Be prepared like a mountain goat and you'll be fine. :)

    Unless I can get a helicoper lift to the GOR I'm not coming. I've done the Melb-Geelong run enough lately and it's not going to end soon. Best for me to abuse the spurs while I still can. :)
  11. Seany said:
    I think we need one of those star gate things in the Transport Plan so we can just teleport straight to the start of all the good rides.

    Could be interested. Still not quite sure of my plans for Sunday though. How far do you anticiapate going? Or put another way...where's lunch?
  12. I've put in some serious hours so far this year and I'm working again tonight.

    I need to finish off my tyres before I replace them for Tassie so if I can get up early enough, I'll tag along too.

    I will start from the BP on the freeway (little river??, the only servo between Werribee and Corio at 9.15am if I can get up).

    meh......just got reminded that I need to complete the fence around my spa before I can contemplate a day "wasted" to riding :(

    Have fun, stay safe.
  13. There is a few of us Ratbags (Triumph ) guys heading to Apollo Bay for lunch might meet you there
    there is a few departing points
    How about, Meet westgate servo outbound at 9.00am for 915am leave for a meeting place selected by some of ower Geelong ratbags.
    Quote from **** (Ballarat)
    What do the Ballarat boys think about meeting at the bunnyong servo at about 9am to leave about 930am to meet the others in geelong.
    Main street Bunnyong, on the rd to geelong its a satalight town just south of Ballarat.
    Quote from *** (Geelong)
    Ok Bugger, how about we meet at Texas Burgers in Mercer St, at 10.30am same spot as last year.

    We will all meet in geelong at 10.30am before embarking on the back way roads, which are much better at this time of the year,, we will probibly only do a short slow run from lorne to apollo bay and avoid most of the traffic.
    Deans marsh and forrest rd is a much better ride
  14. Just came back from GO road today, after a quick spin out to Apollo Bay yesterday and beers in Anglesea last night - traffic was pretty heavy to Lorne but bearable after that. I'd advise trying to make it to Lavers Hills at least, so you get some decent mileage where you can link some corners together before going up the ass of a caravan...

    I might be tempted, will see what happens with plans tonight and if I'm likely to be in a fit state... :p
  15. Awww, c'mon Vic, that fence can get done after you get back, yeah?? :p

    And with daylight saving, it's still daylight even at 8pm? :grin:

    Cam, might be able to come along :grin:

    ... need a change big time from 'Sorrento and back' :roll:
  16. Just got home from GOR with Cam and 3 others.

    Was very good ride... spirited is the world I would use..

    I think my leathers are a little too small, shoulders are hurting and sore.... that's not good given how long I waited to get them :(

    We'll see how track days turn out, maybe can use them only for that... or ebay I guess... :cry:
  17. count me in. meet you at ps :grin:
  18. Possibly had something to do with annual "Lorne Pier to Pub" swim ... it's on the first Saturday of January every year ... know this info from a 'former life' :grin:
  19. Any you guys ever come back from GOR when every joe punter and his caravan are returning to the workforce after a long weekend, easter or Xmas break before :?:
    Trafiic :driver: can be a fargin bagsted :furious: from about 2-3pm onwards :shock: I reckon you guys will be lane splitting for good 10+kms :? through Geelong. Good luck guys
  20. wasn't the ride 2morrow??
    how i hate working on sundays :|
    if i wake up early, i ll come to say hello at the BP before i go to work....