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Melb shop for chain/sprockets

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by gsxrjames, Feb 10, 2010.

  1. Hey,

    I’m in need of a new chain and sprockets. Can’t really do it myself as I don’t have a stand or any space. Rob at motorcycle service center was great but I'm not in the area any more. Any recommended shops other than Peter Stevens, near the cbd that could do it whilst I’m at work? Also, would it be cheaper to order my own set from the net and pay for labour or to have the shop supply.

    Ps. I did search
  2. Will definitely turn out cheaper for you if you buy online from some overseas place and then pay for labour. Everything here costs too much.
  3. Only asked because I've known some car shops to charge a premium for using outsourced parts. Or charge more by claiming that they took longer as they arn't farmiliar with different brands, that crap... atm I'm looking to get a DID or RK set from motomummy and have it fitted by (_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _) from (_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _)

  4. which part of melb are you? its a big place
  5. I live in Flemington and work in Southbank. Anything in this general area so I don't have to waste a saturday.
  6. Greg Johnson, at Johnson Cycle tune. Market st. Sth. melb, is your man .. 96991717
  7. I'm planning on buying chain kit from Motomummy too.
    Was thinking of also getting the chain breaker and rivet kit tool as well.
    Waiting to get that and then put on my scottoiler too.
    But atm waiting for the Aussie dollar to go up. If it hits over 90 I'm getting the kit. Over 92 full exhaust and FI and all these other goodies... eheheh...
    I think I'm going to browse again! ahaha
  8. Thanks rog,
    It's a shame the $ dropped last week. Its only $50ish more to buy a set locally atm... Looks like its starting to bounce back though so get that shopping cart ready. Would you be interested in sharing the flat shipping charge messy? I'm feeling cheap(y)
  9. I don't mind however I've got a bunch of things I'm planning on buying.
    Chain + sprockets
    Either slipon or full system
    those aluminum nuts (meh.. may as well lol)
    Bazza ecu thingy
    chain braker/riveter

    Where abouts in Melb you from gsxrjames?
  10. I actually just got a pretty decent gift voucher for PS, WHoOoO 21st!:birthday:
    so i'll be boosting the local economy for once. I'm in flemington.
  11. ...looks like I'll be in the market for new chain and sprockets soon too... just noticed a stiff link in the chain... there's still plenty of life, but it's the perfect excuse to finally get some gold chain bling on the bike.

    The site suggestions are timely.

    Anywhere else to go look??

    Found this one in another sprocket thread
  12. Give Luke or Kat a try, I have had some minor bike work done and Shan got her new leathers from them. They are a brilliant bunch to deal with and are happy to order in stuff they may not have in stock.

    www.sixtydegrees.com.au or call em on 03 9562 6603
  13. Thanks mate, coming from the West I don't usually think about places on the East. :)
  14. brett at mad biker in bayswater says he'll order in whatever I want at a competitive price so I imagine if you ring him he'll get stuff for you as well
  15. I ended up getting mine from peter stevens and it wasn't that expensive (unlike the service dep). From memory I think my DID xring 525 chain was $170ish ($20 more for gold which I ended up getting for no extra charge as it was in stock). I got JT front and rear sprockets, which I'm told are very similar to oem for another $150ish? It will depend a bit on your bike. Took 3days to order the sprockets. James in the parts dep also gave be a can of chain wax for free.

    I then took it to Greg at Johnson Cycle following MVrogs rec. He charged $50 to fit it all and basically started when I got off the bike. He knows his stuff and is very upfront. The price may have been reduced slightly as I also had the brakes done. Peter Stevens charges a bit more.

    I'd definetly go down this path again, hope it helps.

    ALSO: When buying a chain MAKE SURE they include the master rivet link. I dropped the bike and parts off only to receive a call from Greg saying that it was missing. Wasted an hour going back to peter stevens... Other than that no problems