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[Melb] Shire of Yarra Ranges Reefton ride, Sun 5 Feb

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Gromit, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. Just wondered if anyone else is going on this Sunday's Shire of Yarra Ranges instructed ride to Marysville via Reefton?

  2. I did the Toolangi ride in Dec 2004, after I'd had my bike approx 1 week. I found it very useful, and fantastic value for money.
  3. That sounds great - is this the only Pro-organised noob ride of its kind? this is exactly what i want to do. I was looking at courses, but they all seemed to be aimed at the road racer, which i am not really inerested in right now, i wanna learn smooth safe riding.

    Are you booked in for sure?
  4. Lol, why is it that the L's/P's ride is on on my birthday.. Its just torturing me with the irritating fact that im dying for my licence.... and cant afford it until AFTER my birthday... gah.

    Well, everyone enjoy!!!
  5. Im booked in for sure for March, im not the wanna be boy racer type either.
    MRA have a c class ride this weekend to Portsea.
    c class is aim at leaners