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(Melb) Seeking rider with the rego 'blitz', Melb CBD

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by wingsout, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. dont know if its anyone on here.. but im sure many of you guys have seen him riding around in the CBD..

    just a question... what sorta bike does he ride (suzuki or yam.. but the exact model specf. :grin: ... its sounds amazing is that the stock exhaust??..

    thanks guys

    (sorry i searched around for a 'spotted' thread or something but couldnt find it so this is where i put it :? :?
  2. :-k

    I think he's looking for a rider on some undescribed bike with the rego "blitz".

    And there I thought this was going to be a helpful reminder to avoid the Popo in the hills this weekend?!?

    Right, time to Mod the title.
  3. Does anyone know the dude who rides a bike with "BLITZ" plates. :LOL:
  4. In a way, that question answered itself didn't it. :wink:

    No bike sounds awesome with stock pipes.
  5. Don't know him but i know his mates he rides with regos "DASH" and "PRANCE"
  6. ive seen it around rmit im pretty sure

  7. hahahahahahahaaa you fcuken idiot!!!!!!!

  8. Street. Triple.
  9. Bugger! I just woke the baby laughing at that...... :LOL: :LOL:
  10. lol c'mon mate we all love our bikes.... but they sound like an elecrtic blender whistling to a sewing machine
  11. Rudolph wanted custom plates too, but couldn't fit his name on.
  12. "RUDOLF"

    ok back to work
  13. hahah its not a street triple....

    its a fully faired sports/super sports..

    its either yamaha or suzuki

    i couldnt care less about the rider haha, just wish to know the model of bike. and the only peice of info i got was the rego :p :p
  14. Vehicle Make: SUZUKI
    Vehicle Colour: BLACK
    Body Type: SOLO
    Year of Manufacture: 2005
  15. I see you know the location of the funny. Excellent.
  16. And his girlfriend "DONNA" :p
  17. yeah it was a pissa of a joke.... but Tony, I think that's something about a dead horse and flogging it hey?
  18. Why not - there's stil another 4 to go yet... :p

    but I'll leave those for paul
  19. :rofl: Except your which scares Harley riders for 10km's in all directions :shock: