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[Melb] Seany's Birthday BBQ, Sat 29th Oct

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Seany, Oct 26, 2005.

  1. Yes, it's Seanys birthday and although one person commented this week that she thought I was a lot older cause I had it so together [she'll die], most people take me for a lot younger. In celebration of most people Seany is having a piss up at his place [PM for the address] on Saturday 29th Oct. Bbq's and taking the piss out of egiste will be the premise of the night, however initiative is invited and fire sticks will be providied. :D

    Ok so I have it sorted. The plan is this;

    What: Bbq and mabye the odd drinkie.
    When: Sat, Oct 29 from 7pm.
    Where: My house. PM myself or egiste for the address. (Eaglemont is between Ivanhoe and Heidelburg for those who were bound to ask).
    What to bring: We'll provide some sausages chips etc, but not enough to feed eveyone so you'll need to bring a little tucker to throw on. BYO drinks and a chair as my outdoor furniture is a little lacking.

  2. Happy Birthday Sean, I will be there! Must catch up all rides and parties before going oversea. :p

    When will the party start? So far I will be free after lunch.
  3. hippy birfdee maaaate............. enjoy it :D

    And dont worry it will catch up to you, i was always one of those "show me ya license" at the door of a night club and i'm like " but, Mr im almost 30 " now look at me :?

    Oh well, ur only as young as you feel and i just had a feel and all seems fine :p
  4. Baaah... young pup!

    Enjoy the day, and have a glass or two for me.


  5. Happy Birthday Mate.

    I will be there later in in the day (that may sound a bit strange), and don't worry, Im sure that no one will pick on you for being an old bastard. ;-)
  6. Happy Bithday Seany!!! I have a Whitlams gig that I MUST attend on Saturday night so I won't be able to get to the party (unless Glipshitz heads there after the gig ;) )
    Hope you have a great day :D
  7. Hippo birdie, seany, and thanks for your great contribution to the madness of netrider.
    And, as I usually say, don't worry about getting older, everybody's doing it!!
  8. HBD seany :D dont worry your not old till your 28.... oh crap, you are old now!!!!
    im not sure what im doing sat but will endevor to attend if i am actually free :)
  9. HAppy Birthday Seany - best pressie I reckon would be getting your bike back !
  10. Happy birthday mate. I hope it's a good one.

    :D :D
  11. Have a good one Seany!
  12. Just in case you didn't want to come due to a lack of food, well we will provide a basic BBQ (aka snags,chops and some thing for the vegos if required)

  13. Have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY mate, unfortunately unable to attend the function being held in your honour. family commitments
  14. Thanks everybody for the birthday wishes. :D
  15. Happy Birthday mate....

    well atm i have nothing on so am more then happy to help you celebrate your birthday (as long as it involves a drink ot two)

    cheers stewy

    whoops got something else on, might make it across afterwards depending on what time you guys are going to finish up :oops:
  16. [Bump]

    I forgot to mention earlier that there is no shortage of off stree bike parking (even an extra spot while Redwing kinly mind mine for me). Also, if anyone wants to stay the night then you are more than welcome. We've got three unclained couches (3 seaters) and three unclaimed materesses at this stage so thow up ya hand if you want them and maybe bring a sleeping bag (we do have blankets so you want go cold if it doesn't fit).

    Egiste also pointed out that we have the other half of 4 double/queen&king sized beds available but they'd require discussion with the owners before baggsing. :LOL:
  17. The sky looks reasonable so we've got the Bbq lit and all systems are go. We'll mostly be in the backyard so if no-one answers the doorbell, come in through the side gate off cumberland street (the white gate, not the yellow one). :D
  18. Have a good one only the best have a birthday on this day
  19. im screwed, really late nights for the past 2 weeks or so :LOL: sorry i didnt make it :(
  20. sorry I couldnt attend seany , the joys of nightshift .
    anyway have a good one mate