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Melb - SE Freeway (Monash) - Police bikes patrolling

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tim, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. Got done for "overtaking on the left" this morning. Was following another bike (hyo 250 I think, Red) as we lane split, saw the copper hiding behind the barrier on the side of the road. He came straight up the left and then pulled in behind me. $187 and 2 demerit points.

    No warnings, no smart remarks, just you're getting a ticket.

    Did see them yesterday with another bike pulled over, wouldn't suprise me if they do it for the rest of the week so be careful out there.

    Both mornings they have been between Toorak Rd on ramp and Yarra Rd off ramp.
  2. Spotted a two wheeler on Wellington St in Collingwood today also... A lot lane splitting etc goes on along there in peak traffic and it is actually quite a dangerous stretch in my opinion... I would think that is why he was there off the road and watching.... or maybe he was just there for some other reason... he was not actively pulling anyone up...
  3. I saw three cop bikes between the tunnel and high street ... all with a bike pulled over. Looks like they are doing a blitz ... so just have to watch the speed. Lucky for me, I don't really feel the need for lane splitting at the moment ... been leaving work a bit early and not too much traffic ... just gotta watch the speed.
  4. And you were safely passing on the right were you not?
    At least thats what the letter should say, asking for the ticket to be withdrawn.
  5. Yeah I saw a marked bike on the monash this morning too, but he had a truck pulled over.
    This was around the Warrigal road exit going inbound.

    Gotta becareful again.
  6. Except to be lane splitting you are on the right of one vehicle and on the left of another so is the glass half full or half empty. :roll:
  7. This has been going on for a while, since it got to be too wet to go to Reefton.
  8. Wrong Wrong Wrong.....

    If you pass to the right of a vehicle and DO NOT cross a lane marker, they cannot do you for passing to the left, as you are within the lane.
    If you CROSS the line you are passing a vehicle to the left.

  9. Whats the charge for passing too close then? :p
  10. No charge Vic, just a penalty. They change the shape of your head, into something similar to a light globe.
  11. :LOL: Nice one!
  12. How rude.

    I'm offended :shock:

    time for an avatar change then
  13. I guess all those people hogging the right lane, not overtaking anyone at all (with or without traffic in the left lanes) are doing the right thing then ... don't see anyone booking 'em.
    Must mean that it's ok to ignore some rules ... just not the ones that bring easy revenue?!
    Safety my a$#e!!!

    Rant over ... :grin:
  14. Keep your head like that, Vic. That will scare the coppers away, not to mention the rest of us.
  15. You said "lane split", by this I presume you were travelling between lines of moving vehicles? If so, then passing on the left/right whatever is not the applicable charge as "riding between lanes of moving traffic" is.

    However, if the traffic was stationary (so you lane filtered), then the above doesn't apply and you can get done for passing on the left.

    Either way it's a misdemeanor. :(
  16. 2 f****** points! Grr.

    I was almost going to post something up about this last night. Was riding back along Monash (outbound) and being the good girl I am was sitting on speed limit (cos I have to) and not splitting as there wasn't a need to at that point as the traffic around me was doing speed limit as well. Anyway a biker passed me, gave me a little wave and proceeded to split through the traffic. He was moving pretty quick - quicker than what I would with splitting - but each to their own. About a minute later a bike copper went past me, lights flashing, splitting as well. Not sure if the guy was trying to lose the cop, or whether he was oblivious to his pursuant, but felt pretty sucky for him when I passed them on the side of the Freeway a little later.

    And just before this all happened I passed another copper on a bike on the inbound side of the Monash with a biker pulled up.

    Can't believe you lost points OP. That sucks.
  17. So many posts/threads here about pigs patrolling the Monash, not
    to mention the Police publically announcing a blitz in the media..

    You decided to play with the odds against you & lost as expected.
    Bad luck mate [​IMG]
  18. yeah when they get like that you know theyre on a mission.out in force for the soul purpose of nailing riders who are quite clearly a severe danger to everybody!
  19. Where were the cops when I was sticking to the reduced speed limits last night on the monash at 10:30pm... I was getting buzzed and swarmed by every other vehicle on the road!
  20. Doesn't even need to be night time! I rode out to Rowville and back to drop a job off at a printer today. I'd be afraid to ride that every day. Everyone was being pushy, few doing the marked limit.