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[Melb] - Scooter Garage / Service

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by micx0r, Jul 29, 2005.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Need some help.. My champion scooter needs a service but I can't find anyone to work on it in Melbourne.. It's an 80's Bajaj Chetak which is basically a direct copy of the vespa p150.

    Same parts etc all fit but I can't find anyone to do some work on it.. I need some indicators installed and the rear brake adjusted, repaired.

    Anybody reccomend someone?

  2. Did you try Scootermarket in Abbortsford or The Scooter Shop in Brighton?
  3. Camberwell motorcycles have a bit of a scooter service area from memory last time I took my bike there.
  4. Hey...

    Yeah I tried scootermarket and they gave me no love so I'll try the scootershop in brightron.


  5. Hey micx0r, have you had your Vespa serviced yet?

    A mate of mine has an old (1960's?) Lambretta that needs servicing but he is struggling to find somewhere that; a) does a good job, and; b) doesn't charge rip-off prices (his last service was $700!!).