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[Melb] Saturday Nov 12, Walhalla

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Urban, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. Events Calender

    Who wants to come for a ride to Walhalla on Saturday?

    First Meet Point: 7/11 Cnr Burwood Hwy & Station St Ferntree Gully,

    Time: 8.45am for 9.00am depart, (Full tanks please)

    Secondary Meet Point: Shell servo in Emerald 9.20am-9.30am

    Route: Here is a Map

    Head out through Belgrave and Emerald to Yarra Junction for a brief stop if needed.
    Then through Powelltown to Noojee and stop for a drink/fuel and also for me to run around going "faaarrk, farrrrk how good is that bit of road?"

    Once I've calmed down a bit we can toottle off to Walhalla where we should arrive in plenty of time for for me to do the whole "how good was that road" thing again, then a feed at the pub or some takeaway from the shop. (what ever you prefer)

    Noojee, Walhalla, Noojee is about 180km with no fuel to be found in between, if anyone has a thirsty bike we can divert to Moe for an extra fuel stop, (only about 10km out of the way) if required.

    Reverse the route to get home, about 360km all up.

    All Welcome.


  2. Mate, I would love to join you but I have plans on Saturday. Have fun!!

    :D :D
  3. Me too, But I dont have a bike.

    Why did I post this.......................?????????

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm LIDS :)
  4. You're a stalker Vic!! lmao :p :wink: :)

    :D :D
  5. I know the real reason you're not going, Lids - it's impossible to get an Across to run 180 klicks between fills!
  6. Maybe yours and Lids....
    Mine gets 200+ :p
  7. yeah well you could fit a bloody 20lt jerry can in there in that boot, thats probably the only reason you get more then 200+ km's :p
  8. Nope, you are BOTH wrong, i just had Pete the Pom do his magic on the Across and I went from getting 170km per tank to 200+ per tank :D
  9. [minor threadjack]

    How many k's until the yellow light and then the red light come on, Deb?

    [/minor threadjack]
  10. 130 to yellow light, 200 for red, wouldnt mind taking it to the limit and seeing what i get with reserve, just need to fill a 5 litre jerry can and put it in the boot so that I'm not stranded ;)
  11. Yeah, that's a bit better than I'm getting.

    I must try the jerrycan thing one day.
  12. put me down as a tentative yes :)
  13. Been wanting to go there \:D/

    I'm in. Hopefully there will be change of weather!

    Can we have a 2nd meeting point in Emerald (let's say Shell servo?)
  14. Bugger, we'll be at the Island for the weekend. I would love to have met up with you at Noojee so I could actually meet some netriders!

    Hopefully next time :)
  15. Yep,

    Say between, 9.20am & 9.30am??
  16. Confirmed mate.

    Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology
    Trend for Saturday, Sunday and Monday
    Fine. Mild to warm. :applause:
  17. Wheather man is now saying a chance of a shower....pfft what would he know, :LOL:

    I'll still be doing this ride unless it really flogs down.

    So far it's just me and you javaman, plus a few crew from another forum dependant on the wheather.

    Chance of a shower is a good thing anyway, it still won't rain and everyone will stay home in case it does. which will leave the roads empty for me. :p :p
  18. Getting better:

    Mainly fine. Min 10 Max 22

    Fine. Min 12 Max 24
  19. weathers looking good... :D
    looks like a plan, probably meet you at the same place/time as Javaman..