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[Melb] Saturday Night Coffee Meet, North Melbourne

Discussion in 'VIC' started by vic, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. The address is

    67 -71 Errol st
    North Melbourne

    From around 8PM onwards.

  2. Most nights I get there at 7.30 or maybe earlier , on the nights I go . Look foward to see you all next week.

  3. Re: [Melb] Netrider Saturday Night Coffee Meet, West Melbour

    What is there? I think it would be helpful to know. Pub, cafe, business, strip joint, residence?
  4. yep, coffee night can be easily found.
    look for all the bikes
    or look for the cops looking/speaking to Bren.
    as happened at the first errol st coffee night
  5. What happened to Fitzroy street coffee night in St Kilda?
  6. Good point Jason , Cafe next door to the ANZ Bank , straight across from the post office , get on the footpath on the corner out side the 7 Eleven , hope that helps.

  7. I think the cafe is called Errol's.
  8. Apparently folks are voting with their feet. Service standards were dropping.
  9. Pleeeeassseee don't let that turn you off!!! :LOL: Pure fluke! Not even in my patch. Had some report of a couple of knuckle heads dragging down the tulla at 200 plus with no rego plates. As if the cager knew how fast they were going :roll: Just happened to swing down Errol street after attending another job and saw all the bikes sitting there. Figured I would say g'day. Low and behold, now I'm outed as well :roll:

    P.S. Someone obviously likes the look of your arse Bangr :shock: :LOL:
  10. nah that's cool... it won't put me off.. its just a little fun considering everytime a cop decides to show up its usually for bren.
  11. I'll be there as per usual. :cool:
  12. wont be there 2nite :( got azz's cousins 16th b'day.

    does anyone know what was happening with IMAX?

    see you guys next week

  13. Jade, ring Tina about Imax. Im going there tonight too

    Kate XX
  14. Thanks kate

    don't think we will make it the b'day is out in Pakenham
  15. Kate, will you Imax folk be attending errolls after the flick?
  16. Hey Caz, dunno, im just tagging along. movie starts at 7.30 will end about 9.30 ish. errols shuts at 10.30 doesnt it? so not sure. cant ask Tina now at moment either,shes having a nanna nap :LOL:
  17. Hopefully I can make it - ill have to see how I'm feeling after seeing Dougz in hospital.
  18. Tina and the crew will come over if we are still there , Me and Ltl ed will be there around 7.30.

  19. That nanna nap was sooooooo good too! :grin:

    Beowulf in 3d was awesome!!! :grin:
  20. Well I should have checked here before heading to Bar Roys last night.

    I guess when you dont show up every week things can change :p

    Hopefully I will be at the new venue next week.

    Take it easy folks