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[Melb]Saturday blast

Discussion in 'VIC' started by nearlyempty, May 12, 2005.

  1. Try again (either I am being moderated, or I am being de-existed, or I have broken the internet. Let's see, shall we). Edit: Guess I broke the internet :-(

    Anyone doing anything on Saturday (ride-wise)?
    Looking to blow away a few cobwebs from the old thumper, but it's always nice to have a bit of company.
  2. I was about to post the same thing - I'm aching to get my bike past the 12,000 rev mark I use when commuting.

    I'd be up for a medium-speed ride. I don't know the twisties around here, so somebody else will have to suggest a route.

    I've also got a mate on a XJR1300 who's aching for a good ride. He's mid-twenties and a responsible rider.
  3. Not that sure of the way myself, but we could work something out, I'm sure.

    I was thinking of heading up Kinglake area. I might get lost, but that's life I suppose.
  4. would be up for it assuming i get my bike rego'd by then

    edit: out, won't have rego :cry:
  5. yep, depending on what time, i'd be up for this
  6. depending on starting time, but I'm keen for this !
  7. Just so we are aware, this won't be an 'organised' ride, so don't expect any kind of organisation (tail markers, lookouts, etc.).

    'Impromptu' is the word of the day. Might get lost, might not (likely though, if you're following me).
  8. I think that even some of the 'organised' rides I've been on had been lacking proper tail marking etc!
  9. yeah im up for it if its after 2pm.. got work :(
  10. Sorry mate, looking for a morning start (want to be back around 3pm-ish).
  11. I would have been up for it but unfortunately my Saturday is fully booked :cry:
  12. Route I'm thinking of taking:

    Whittlesea - Kinglake West - Flowerdale - Yea - Kinglake (via Melba hwy) - St Andrews.

    It seems simple enough, even for a nonce like me :)

    I'll probably come around the Ring Road, turning off at Plenty Rd. Is there anywhere up there we can meet up (Maccas?), say 09:30?
  13. i dunno ?

    I'm at Mulgrave and am going out on Friday night with friends from Sydney. As I'm on 0% blood alcohol limit I will say I'm only a maybe at this stage.

    I'll keep on eye on this to see where you set the meeting place at.
  14. Yep my sat is full booked to, damn moving house (but it does get me closer to the twisty stuff east side)
  15. Might be interested. Other option is the Sunday one with the MRAA.
  16. possibly interested, was wanting to go for a spin at some point over the weekend, but i was keen to head out to reefton
  17. If you don't get any other offers I'm happy to change to Reefton. What does everybody else think?
  18. I'm keen for anything, but i'm with Tenoq in the ummm & errr....
    It's either this one or the MRAA Sunday ride.

    Reefton sounds good, but i'm starting to feel like i've done it a few too many times. I'm actually learning the entire length of the run. As for the Black Spur, its still the hottest piece of tarmac this side of Melbourne and i love it! Even if i do know pretty much every corner on there now.

    (FYI i've done the Reefton run twice less than i've done the Black Spur... that was the one time when i got split from the group and ended up doing the Black Spur 3 times in one day! That was a very good day. :D )
  19. Too many times? Blasphemy! Get out, heathen!

  20. Post whore.

    Your not sick, its a flesh wound...
    'I'M NOT DEAD YET!?'