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[Melb] - Saturday 11 June Ride - to somewhere ?

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by doonx, Jun 10, 2005.

  1. I can't make the Sunday ride

    Does anyone want to have a blat somewhere on Saturday ? Not an early start as I'm out for dinner and drinks tonight, say 10am-10:30am getaway ?

    Weather permitting.
  2. Which isn't :roll: Have a look at the BOM site.
  3. Saturday's bad, you free Monday?
    Thinking of popping down Geelong way and fit in a couple of back roads to the GOR.
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  5. ForecastFox (plug-in for Firefox) tells me it should be fine (only 22% chance of rain 18degrees down to 13 degrees)

    BOM doesn't seem so optimistic

    REMEMBER THE HALLS GAP RIDE... Rainy, dry, rainy, sunny, etc.. it was fun... now, for the speech.

    We ride because we can. We ride because we are men. Are we to let the weather dictate when we can or cannot ride... To this, I say NO.

    Come my brothers and sisters, lift yourselves from your pathetic sun searching rides and come to one that is truly an advanture.... A ride that may be dry, wet, cold, icy, snowy..... Who knows, but that is the excitement of it all.... I am a motorycle rider, I am an adventurer, I am a man amongst mice.... So, step forth and become men.....!!!!!

    Ride with us tomorrow or forever be known for thy failure.......
  7. To my manly brothers that will circle the round table of courage:
    I salute your courage fo you are truly men....

    Now, will some please pass me a tissue....
  8. If I didn't have to be up at 5:30am tomorrow morning to catch a flight to Sydney I'd be there with you. I love the good day runs to Bulla and back.
  9. Looks like Monday could be a goer if anyone's interested.

    Geelong - back roads to GOR (Lorne or Apollo Bay for lunch)???
  10. I know you would Mouth, you are one of us men..... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Hey, you would not happen to have a spare seat next to you on the flight, Melb's gonna be wet and misrable this weekend....
  11. I chose to ignore that part of Doonks post......if I'm putting the geelong boys up for the night and also getting up at the crack of dawn (I"m definately not a morning person) then he can drag his arse out of bed a few hours earlier.
  12. YEAH, you tell em Matt.... :p :twisted: :twisted: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. Very tempting indeed.
  14. Helldog and me are keen for a Saturday ride....... But is this ride friendly for someone with my experience/inexperience (just off L's)????

    I don't want to be holding the group up all day
  15. Cool, excellent.... We will give details at coffee tonight.

    OK, the blackspur is a relatively easy ride. Very smooth since road re-surfacing. Just take your time and dont ride too hard and you will be fine.

    Mansfield to Mt Buller is the BEST run. VERY smooth, quite wide with some killer switchbacks. Again, just be careful and ride within ability.

    No real stopping until we get to Mansfield though and then it is for fuel and a sprint up the mountain for lunch.
  16. Ok, that all sounds good :)
  17. Would love to do Mt Buller sometime, sounds awesome. Just can't make tomorrow :-(
  18. Why dont you come along to Merimbula then??? 2nd and 3rd July.....????