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[Melb] Sat 19 November, Reefton. Cancelled

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Urban, Nov 14, 2005.

  1. Events Calender

    Seeing how we never quite made it to Walhalla the other day, I figured somewhere a little closer to home might be in order.

    Meet: B.P Servo, Cnr Maroondah Hwy and Nelson Rd, Lillydale.

    Time: 9.15am for 9.30am start.

    Route: Lillydale, Healsville, Marysville, Reefton and reverse to get home.

    Quick breaks at Healsville and Marysville to regroup.

    Stop for a walk around and chat at Reefton then head back to Marysville for lunch.

    All welcome.
  2. Good idea Jeff,

    Can we have a meeting point at healesville (say, that shopping strip after you pass healesville) ? Not too keen to ride the highway.
  3. Yep, 9.50am - 10.00am at the Shell Servo?
  4. Do we know how many are comming so far... ??
  5. Would love to make this my first decent ride on the new bike, but can't do, unfortunately. Got a girlfriend-type commitment this w'end. :p
  6. Just me, Javaman & R1 lover at this stage.
  7. Well, it looks like rain tommorrow, :cry:

    I had a little excursion through the scrub yesterday :shock:
    and then a tie down snapped with the bike in the back of the ute this morning. :evil:

    My bikes now in lots of little piles all over the shed floor so I won't be doing Reefton tomorrow. :(

    Instead I'm gonna sit at home and drink.. LOTS!!!!

    Anyone know a good plastic welder?
  8. Sorry to hear about that.. Hope it not much damage to your wallet... ;)
  9. Sorry to hear that Jeff :( Hopefully you got it fixed quickly enough.

    See you next ride then.
  10. Thanks Mate,

    Radiator should be fixed this arvo and I'm going to see a bloke about welding my fairing back together in the morning.

    Funny thing is the bike copped way more damage falling over in the back of the ute than it did sliding down the road at 80kmh.
    :? :? :? :?