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[Melb] Sat 14-1-06 Learners ride

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Removed_User6, Jan 14, 2006.

  1. I am going for a ride this PM and maybe into the late evening (6pm'ish) .
    It will be a easy going kind of route , one of three routes
    2 on the Northern side of melbourne
    or 1 in and around the city , beach etc .

    Easy going pace , no rush , one of the routes is very twistie , but if taken slower than wont be an issue.
    will decide which route will take at start point by group preferance.

    learner friendly , plenty of stops , plenty of coffee, speed limit

    meeting point .

    Mc donalds carpark
    on the corner of Bell st and St georges Rd

    1:45 - 2 pm form up

    mobile number
  2. Bikes in the workshop this w/end Glen :cry:
  3. Same here!
    Sorry Glenn.. Would have liked to have joined you but no bloody bike..
    Enjoy the ride...

  4. Actually I think I'm up for it. If I'm not going to the movies I think I shall join you...
  5. I'll be in it Grobby! See ya there.
    0418 219 330

    /1 vote for the twisty one!
  6. All welcome , if you dont know anyone it doesnt matter , you will by the end of the day :)
  7. Buggar it, 24deg summer day, bike just had service - why would I want to go to the movies? I'm sure what ever crap comedy I was going to watch will come out on DVD. I'm in.

    Red Spada, black suit. 0408 375399
  8. Really would have liked to have gone on a ride with you all and meet some people but sadly I am loaded up with panadeine because of a really sore shoulder that will just not let up. <sob> . One day soon I guess.
  9. might not be able to go to the spur run tomorrow (seems my a friend I haven't seen for ages is popping over to my place and I want to see them)

    so... see you guys here :>
  10. Just got back from a beautiful ride this morning and read this. Thanks Glen :wink:

    No way known I will make Bentleigh to Preston in like 2 minutes :shock:

    Have a great ride :)
  11. Hey thanks Grobby for a fun ride - and good to meet you other blokes!

    Glen, did Chris like my crap wheelie on the way down your street? :LOL:
  12. yep , liked it very much , so did the ladie i was on the phone too :LOL: undi was good to see you again and meet you(port 80,) for the first time
    quick ride brief .
    left maccas , nearly got hit by a bouncy across the road , bounced beside me then over the handle bars and off the road , ( dont follow the bouncing ball) rode to servo in (somewhere) and filled up , then through st andrews and the twisties up to kinglake and a pee against the fence of the cop station ( wont tell you which two members that was ) :shock:
    Ports first time through the twisties so i sat at the rear, watching him , did a good job for first time .( mental note : watching port from behind saw a patch of stones , talking to myself inside my helmet " watch the stones , watch the stones" he went round them and i ended up going straight threw them" :) )
    down to whittlesea , then out to wallan the back way , up Epping road to wondong and up the old hume hwy into broadford, back to kilmore then down the back way to reservior , via wondong ,Epping.
    one person popped a crapwheel (better than mine) about 30 seconds before the white commodore in front pulled over a car in lalor but we wont say who that was :LOL:
    anyway , it was a easy ride , long straights , twisties , etc .
    enjoyable ride , and enjoyable company to boot.
    thanks for coming all .
  13. How many others were there?
  14. 4 of us in total
  15. Thats not so bad. Will have to hook up with u one day.

    Ive been on a coupla 2 or 3 bike rides but it wasent as
    enjoyable as other rides where there were more of us.

    I meet alot of people on the roads tho. If I see a group, I'll
    normally catch up to em & ride along. Thats how ive met
    most of my riding mates.

    Ask Ratty.. He has 1st hand experience :LOL:
    I was riding with him & ended up riding with another group.
    They stopped. I stopped. They took off their helmets & there
    was no Ratty :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Best one for me to date was last week riding with 8 R1's
    to St Kilda & Eltham beach. They took over all the lanes
    & everyone was looking at em.
  16. I am not riding with you Kishy until you can at least tip over a medium size sedan :p :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    looking forward to meeting up , speeds not in rattys bracket though , i generally just plod along , have a play then back to plodding again .

  17. F*ck.. U still remember that post of mine :LOL:

    Well Ratty left me for dead Glen. :LOL:

    I couldnt keep up with him.

    Thats how i ended up following someone else thinking I had caught
    up with Rattys group when it wasent.

    Me better head off 2 bed now. Yeh we'll def have to catch up :wink:
  18. Thanks again guys I had great fun, loved those first set of tighter twisties. Thanks all for having the patience to wait and/or sit behind me, also for showing me the right lines. Hope we can catch up again. *yawn* slept well last night :)
  19. Yesterday was fun! Great company, weather was just fine for it and some roads almost all to ourselves most of the way. Thanks for setting it up Glen.