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MELB - (& SA-Adelaide) Hardly used gear! Helmet / Gloves / Boots

Discussion in 'Archived' started by jausho, May 1, 2010.

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  1. Hey people,

    Bike's leaving tomorrow :( ... So it's time to sell off the gear. The gear is only 6 months old, all bought new and only been worn to cover less than 1,000km.

    Gear can be tried on/Picked up from Malvern East VIC. I'll be in Adelaide for a day or two sometime between the 4th & 7th of May (next week) and then permanently from the 29th of May. Postage can also be organised at buyer's cost. Either call/SMS on 0422221124 or send me a PM here and I'll get back to you.

    First off is the Helmet:
    Model: KBC VR2-R
    Colour: Matt Black, silver details - no graphics.
    Condition: Very good. Bugs cleaned off, never dropped or damaged.
    Size: XL - But it's not as if I have a massive head! Just strange sizing on this helmet.
    Cost: $175 (Was $399 New)


    Model: SHIFT Fury Mens Gloves
    Colour: Black
    Condition: Excellent - As new... Only ridden with these twice as I had to exchange another pair of a different type I had that were too uncomfortable.
    Size: 10 - I have long fingers and skinny hands... Not sure how glove sizing works.
    Cost: $40 (Were $79.95 New)


    Model: RST Vortex II
    Colour: Black
    Condition: Very Good. Slight scuff mark on one boot, less than 2cm * .5cm.
    Size: 44 Intl. (10 UK, 11US) ... Will update this when I double check the label.
    Cost: $90- (Were $169.95 New)

  2. To help you with the sale only.

    KBC are a small make, hence the sizing. They are sort of like one size smaller than you would normally take.

    And glove size 10 is about a medium to large.

    I am an XXL in most gloves and i am a 12 in glove sizing too.

    Hope this helps anyone interested.

    Good Luck with the sale. :)
  3. Thanks mate - much appreciated :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.