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Melb S/E Ducati, Aprilia test ride

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by steve-waters, Nov 19, 2015.

  1. Hey folks - I will be doing some google searching as well to answer my question.

    However was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of a dealer they have had a good experience at for Ducati and Aprilia (they don't have to be the same place) I live in South East Melbourne.

    I have just rolled off some busy projects and taking a week of work to recharge in this time I am aiming to test a couple of bikes that Santa might bring me :)

    Hoping to take out a Ducati Hypermotard and Aprilia Shiver during the week.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

  2. Mornington Motorcycles for Ducati. Outstanding customer service and just nice to speak to.

    I test rode a Diavel there in December 2013, didn't purchase at the time but ended up buying a Monster 1200 from them in May 2014. They gave a nice run down on the functions of the bike, engine maps etc and left me to it for about an hour.

    When I buy another Ducati, I'd go back there without hesitation.
  3. Ahh excellent Mornington nice cruze down the peninsula - thanks will give
  4. A1 in Ringwood for Aprilia
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  5. Cool cool thanks guys.

    Called Mornington they don't have a Hyper but I am going to go and check out a Scrambler anyway - slightly different but I am still curious.

    I dealt with A1 in Brighton they were great so will head out to Ringwood as well.

  6. Make sure you test the Shiver in S mode as well as T. Big difference and pretty much the only mode I ride in regardless of what I'm doing.
  7. You may find more demo's avail at city ducati.
  8. Cheers Leroy might go in there when I am back at work to have a sniff around
  9. So I have been to both Ducati Mornington and now A1 Ringwood - this is well not a technical comparison or detailed review just my two lines worth of feelings.

    Did not get a ride on a Hyper at Mornington but rode a scrambler instead (not the same but hey loved the look) and yep should have left it at love the look. The bike is definitely not for me felt undersized, kinda weird never got comfy even after 40 odd minutes and also the rear brake was bloody difficult to get my boot to if felt like I had to bend around part of the engine not much more exciting than the DRZ400SM in fact my wife was happy as the DRZ won easily for me over the Scrambler.

    The Shiver on the other hand wow now that is a bike - fits me like a glove, made smile as soon as I took off then kept me smiling even after I got off it, it felt natural after about two minutes of the 45 minute spin I did and could have kept on riding. I could actually see myself just wanting to jump on and go for a spin even after riding all week to and from work it is just nice to ride. It was smooth to power on and moved effortlessly around in the lanes as I was playing. Tried all three modes and there was a massive difference sport was the way to go (I am no boy racer even apart from the fact that I am 38) tried rain mode which lasted about two minutes it felt slower with less pull than my DRZ suppose there is a reason they call it rain mode.

    I am going to head to they city and see if they have a Hyper to ride and maybe even track down a Yamaha MT-09 and/or MT-07HO to compare but they are going to have to be pretty bloody good to knock the Shiver off especially as there is a cracking deal at the moment about $12.5k ride away.

    The service at both places was excellent although the guy at A1 was a lot more engaged and better at talking about the bike (not pushy sales just information).

  10. :D
    The Shiv sure does put the grins on faces! Not the most powerful in its class but enough grunt for me, love the ergo's, love the soundtrack (did the one you rode have Akrapovics on?), and love the look. Handling is good enough for me, its not a superbike but its a beaut IMO. Super happy with mine. If you pull the trigger on this let me know and we'll arrange a Shiv outing in the hills! Plus some honorary shivs too...
  11. Nope just standard exhaust but even that had me being a knob doing little bleeps whenever I got the chance (even at the lights) - never thought that would be me but it was kind of intoxicating.

    I see why guys and girls do exhausts now.

    Definitely up for some shivery if it goes that way - be good to have someone to compare notes and tinkering with.

  12. Just to float your boat lol

    And this one (v windy sorry) of my commute the other day...for real life sound

  13. First upgrade spotted.
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  14. Fixed I think