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[MELB] Road Surface question....

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Electro, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. Today as I was going home from work I had to merge onto the Citylink towards keilor from the new kings way on ramp thingo. For those that don't know there is a long sweeping left hand bend as you merge and recently they have scuffed up the road surface around this bend as they do before resurfacing.

    The scruffed up road surface has many cracks on it and I found myself feeling like the bike was becoming unsettled and a few times when I hit the cracks the bike kinda shifted left to right to left and I had to slow right down cause I became worried i might lowside or something.

    I'm not sure if this is really a problem or not but just wanted to know if anyone else has come across this before especially on this particular road and how they found it/dealt with it. Not sure if I over reacted cause of the different feeling or if I could have just ridden like usual cause there really isn't any gravel or nothing just scuffed up surface with some uniform cracks.

    If it was a straight road I wouldn't even have cared but this is a long sweeping bend.

  2. stay relaxed, keep your arms loose on the bike and allow it to move around as it need too under you and keep your eyes up no matter what the bike does keep you eyes up and looking where you want to go and the bike will generally ride out of it
  3. Wise words. heed them Electro
  4. Ive had something similiar happen to me, although it was on a 250 with a narrow width front tyre. Havent noticed it since with my bigger bike (wider tyre) even though I've been on the same stretch of road as before.
  5. Thanks guys

    At no point did I really feel like I was actually gonna come off but I just didn't feel comfortable riding the corner at a speed I would usually have riden when it was properly surfaced.
  6. There's more friction to be had between your tyre and the road on a profiled surface.

    I don't completely understand what you mean by cracks. Can you describe what they look like? Are they longitudinal with a fair bit of separation? If they are cracks as I understand them then they are not simply going to overlay them because they'd reflect straight through.
  7. What about a wheelie? Front might come a bit loose but the rear with more weight on it might settle?
  8. Great idea. Care to demonstrate?



    Yes, I copped a bit of a surprise coming into that bit - it's the one corner I get between rehearsals and home, so I tend to hook into it fairly briskly. They seem to have completely torn up the road surface and raked it over, presumably to be replaced soon. But it's not signed, and I hit it at a speedy speed and a fair lean angle, and went merrily sideways for a foot or two... Much to the amusement of the WRX driver who was going for the inside line - don't worry though, I got him well before the exit.

    Now that you know it's there, just go in a bit slower and keep your bike more upright. Try to keep the gas on, don't put yourself in a situation where you'll need to brake, and like Stewy says, try to relax on the bike and let it dance if it has to.

    I hope they fix it soon though, it's one of the precious few corners we have in the inner city.
  9. So you adjusted your speed to suit the surface conditions. You Sir, Pass with flying colours :D

    The "cracks" I assume are the gouge lines from the grader that rips up the old surface?

    See the resurfaced the off ramp Loz, you can do that one at 10/10ths :D
  10. Yep, I am another who came into the loop and was surprised by the scarified surface. This was Tuesday night.
    Normally this work would be signed to warn riders, but no signage was evident. I wasn't doing any real speed and it wasn't an issue, but I would imagine it could be quite unsettling for a new rider. I have emailed Vicroads.
  11. Yeah i love that corner... I ride it just about everyday and I quite enjoy improving the speeds and angles I take through there but yesterday it just popped up on me and put me off a little. I grabbed the brakes just before entering it and then found myself messing with the trottle through the corner which made the corner feel probably worse than it actually was.

    Now that I know it's there I'll see how it goes this afternoon.
  12. Like others here I fair s*&^ myself coming up to the same corner last night... It's the only half decent corner the whole ride home from work so I'm used to taking it pretty briskly when there's no traffic in the way. Nasty surprise indeed.
  13. I would of course love to, however, my license has already far too many holes shot in it, I doubt it would survive the ride down, let alone explaining to the cops why my bike is lying on the side of the kings way on-ramp-ramp.