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Melb rider deliberately run down in road rage incident

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by deadman, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Mikkey told a driver in a car what he thought of him, The car followed him down the road and run over him from behind,
    He is in the royal Melbourne hospital, 7th floor, with a smashed collar bone, 6 broken ribs, and bleeding on the brain,
    They got the driver of the car,
    Hope he gets well soon,

    PS: you all know him, he talks a lot, very nice bloke.
  2. Re: road rage gone wrong

    wtf, is this the same bloke that got hit by the truck door
  3. Re: road rage gone wrong

    prison for the car bloke, I hope.
  4. Re: road rage gone wrong

    Shocking to hear.

    Where did it happen, Brian?
  5. Re: road rage gone wrong

  6. Re: road rage gone wrong

    No, its mikkey from on here,
  7. Re: road rage gone wrong

    Driver had better serve time for this.
    Well wishes for Mikkey Brian.
  8. Re: road rage gone wrong

    Not sure, last I heard he was having coffee in Williamstown, in Melbourne.
    Any thing else is speculation.
  9. Re: road rage gone wrong

    oh CRAP!!!

    Pass on best wishes please...
  10. Re: road rage gone wrong

    Prison time? How many times do we hear about drivers escaping prison time when their actions result in the death of a motorcyclist. It will be interesting to hear how this one ends up.

    Best wishes to Mikkey.
  11. Re: road rage gone wrong

    Bloody hell. Thats terrible. I hope he gets well soon and that he and his family get through the recovery ok.

    I hope they throw the book at the guy, bloody attempted manslaughter.
  12. Re: road rage gone wrong

    mikkey, hope you're okay hun.

    i'll be thinking of you.
  13. Re: road rage gone wrong

    i hope somebody beats the guy to death.
  14. Re: road rage gone wrong

    Be careful not to say anything on here that could be later used in a court of law or a court of popular opinion...

    I hope mikkey has a full recovery and I hope the driver is dealt with to the full extent of what the law will allow.
  15. Re: road rage gone wrong

    i hope justice is served.

    out of interest:

    do we know how the driver was caught?

    did the driver hand them self in or just drive off only to be found later via witness testimony?
  16. road rage gone wrong

    This is so horrible.

    He's at my hospital, not my patient. Obviously I'm not going to look him up or post anything, but if he is on the 7th floor then he is reasonably medically stable.

    Poor bugger.
  17. Re: road rage gone wrong

    Thats horrible, best wishes to Mikkey and his family.

    This is a strong reminder that there is such a thing as road rage going right..
  18. Re: road rage gone wrong

    Hope you get well soon Mikkey, this sort of stuff leaves me lost for words.
  19. Re: road rage gone wrong

    very sad to hear. Get well soon and as above hope the driver is prosecuted to the full extent the law permits.

    In my non legal opinion, i would think this could be considered attempted murder or manslaughter and the very least.
  20. Re: road rage gone wrong

    That's the stuff of nightmares, I hope he recovers well and I hope the guy who ran him over gets what he deserves. Unfortunately there are insane people out there and every now and then you'll come across one, thankfully it is actually pretty rare to meet a true nutcase.

    I had a similar incident a few weeks ago here in Canberra. I was tailgated through some roadworks, when I (politely) indicated to the bloke that he should back off he went bananas passed me in my lane and brake checked me. When I reached my turn off he swerved sharply across three lanes to intentionally hit me, I had to e-brake to avoid a collision. I followed him to get his rego etc. and reported him to the cops... more than 3 weeks later, after follow up emails and phone calls, as far as I know nothing has happened to him. It pays to be aware of your surroundings and always have an exit strategy, and if you get one of these people behind you make sure they are a long way behind you.