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[Melb] Ride to Visit Manny 19th Nov 2005

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Removed_User6, Oct 29, 2005.

  1. Leaving southbank (Friday coffee night place) at Midday 12:00 and then riding to Royal Talbot.

    Saturday 19th November

    Visit manny at Royal Talbot for a few hours .
    I have Booked with the ward , coffee will be avaialable.
    and outdoor area has been booked also.

    any questions or queries contact me

    Going list
    Gsxbusa + 1 (meeting at RTH)
    Shabby +1
    Gsxr1000 (meeting at RTH)
    Ratbag (at RTH)
  2. G'day Grobs!

    You can count me and my better half in. I'm sure Manny would love to have a few familiar faces around him.

    See you Sat 19th Nov

    Cheers Franky & Kaz 8)
  3. com'on people, only a couple weeks away and only 1 reply.... :?

    I'll be there, but will meet you at Royal Talbot....can't wait...should be a great day......

  4. I don't see why I won't be there, I don't have the kids that weekend so unless the inevitable happens, count me in :D
    I'm sure the list will grow as we get closer to the date, some people don't know what they are doing from one to the next so can't commit so far in advance, for a variety of reasons. :)
  5. me and woman will be there!
  6. I'll be there groberts :)
  7. Love to Groberts you know I would, but not sure if we'll be able to or not cause of other committments.
  8. actually i was just wondering about that, will try to make it, but will confirm closer to the date
  9. i will come along too
  10. I have to wait on work, but if I'm free from work, then I'm definately going....I'll keep you posted.

    :D :D :D
  11. weathers looking mainly fine for Saturday .

    cuppa in the morning at southbank then off to royal talbot .
    I know he will appreciate it .
    I will re-confirm with the ward so they are aware we are coming

    lets turm out a real netrider gathering.
  12. Went to see Manny last night, he’s really looking forward to catching up with everyone. \:D/
  13. I would love to make this but unfortunatly have other commitments.

    Does manny like chocolate? Might drop something off for him some other time?

    Hope this gets a few more replies
  14. Hey grobs :)

    Kaz and I will have to meet you at the Royal Talbot as I'm working till 11:30am. Should be there round 1pm ish.

    Come on people! Lets see some more faces!

    Cheers Franky 8)
  15. I have got a bit of running around to do on Sat. I will do my best to get there.

    :D :D
  16. no worries .
    as franky said , come on people

    lets get a good netrider turn out of mannys
    friends, mates and fellow riders
  17. Ratbag (paul) will meet us there at Royal Talbot .

    come on people who else is coming ?

    give manny a bit of support !
  18. I have added Rolla (Dave) to the list. Cya's at Southbank. :)
  19. Thanks Deb

    leaving 12 sharp , so any stragglers that are thinking of lobbing in after hitting the net thismorning , feel free to come .
  20. Are you going past the Blind Dogs :wink: in Kew?

    I have no idea where Royal Talbot is.....

    I also have to pick up my sister from the airport at 315 so will have to leave by about 130 or so so I can pick up the car.

    :D :D :D