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[Melb] Ride to the spur, Sun 5th Feb

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Busa04, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. Hey all,

    few noobs, few not so noobs

    We've got a few guys goin for a ride sat 4th Feb. Weather permitting we wanna head down to the spur, anyone interested? or suggestions for easy/easier rides for noobs?

    cheers.... from the BUS!
  2. Christmas Hills is about as easy as it gets for the noobs :)

    Welcome to netrider :)
  3. cheers...

    lol and in what area would these hills be?
  4. Depending on what time i knock off on Sat i would be inerested in a noob ride.

    But is the spur the place to go for super road noobs? I am still working out stuff like, umm, corners. ( aint aint a gimp, just new) :)

    Anyone else who is pretty new to road riding keen for Sat? I dont wanna be the only noob really...

    Ummm u ride a Busa and wanna take noobs out???
  5. Re-read the topic JTH
  6. hehe, well im not sure what its like in the twisties so technically im a busa noob to the hills.... but the other are mates who've been out of the riding scene for a while, they claim to be noobs.....
  7. Why are all rides organised on a Saturday?? :(

    I work till 10am.

    And if the wife is working then I'm babysitting.

    If this ride leaves late enough then I may come along.

    I suppose the baffelectomy can wait till Sunday :)
  8. we'll id say we wont be leaving anytime before midday, so if you're right to ride after work we can accomodate...
  9. Ill be up for it anytime on saturday, just let us know where to meet and ill be there for sure. Missed out on the last spur run with others from here due to sleeping in and other problems, so will be good to come out to meet up with others.
  10. I am currently re-arranging my weekend so if you leave around 1:00pm I am definetly in.
  11. ...watching for more information....
  12. Thanks for the tip Vic :)

    Where is Christmas hills? I think your weekend ridde is going to be more addvanced than me. But i have Sat arvo off and am keeen for a ride, even if by myself.
  13. **resisting the urge to say North pole...**

    In the Panton Hill / Yarra Glen area if I remember rightly...
  14. would luv to join in on this ride--not weather permitting but bike permitting arghhh!!!! :cry:
  15. I am also interested in this ride tho I am not quite a newbee but am to this site and am looking for people to go riding with.
    i also know that area pretty well and can show som good rides.

    Where is this starting at; Like what time and place to meet ect.
    maybe Warrandyte pub or somthing.

    hope to hear.
  16. If you like, we can do:
    Chum creek
    Black Spur
    tea and scones in marysville
  17. Wot's up with the bike? :?:
  18. a little thing called servicing--- arghhh----------> to mechanics they sure take their time
  19. Bugger about the servicing bandit... borrow someone elses bike!
  20. Im interested..

    Still getting used to the ZZR250 soft frontend after changing from Bandit.

    Put me down as a maybe.. As I have a bad feeling that Ill end up lowsiding with this shitting frontend.. Im booked in to have it sorted out on Monday..