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[Melb] Ride to the hills, Sun 19 March

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Bamm-Bamm, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. Myself, Pnut and Pommyboy will be heading out tomorrow morning for a ride through the hills...proposed route will be Warrandyte, St Andrews, Kinglake...them myabe a quick rest stop and a squirt down the black spur/reefton to home.

    Meet Point is Bikemart in Maroondah Highway Ringwood at 10AM sharp for a 10:15 departure.

    This ride is intended for intermediate to experienced riders...

    Hope to see some new faces and some old familiar ones :)

    PS: Sorry for the late notice...just itching for a ride and couldn't help myself
  2. Re: [Melb] All D1cks, No Chicks ride to the hills - Sun 19 M

    Hang-on .. I thoughgt Pommy boy was a chick? :LOL: I mean, why else would you ride a Triumph? :p

    Wish I could be there, but can't make it.
  3. Sounds controversial.
  4. I'll be on a different run, but in those parts. Might see you out there. :cool:
  5. If i hadn't just walked in the door from a big night out i probably would've been keen to come along! Ah well, enjoy the ride... looks like its gonna be a sweet day.
  6. Hmmm... sometime between the hours of 2am and now some smart arse mod changed the title of my thread...who would that be i wonder? [-X [-X [-X

    :butt: :p
  7. Count me in, see you soon.
  8. Re: [Melb] All D1cks, No Chicks ride to the hills - Sun 19 M

    just woke up and saw this ride. :grin:

    gonna see if i rustle up a couple o' mates to come along.

    :shock: see ya's at/before 10am.
  9. no chicks?

    i wasn't aware chickens rode motorbikes.. I'm obviously wrong :)

    but i know some ladies who ride extremely well.. so they wouldn't be allowed either?
  10. Don't take it too seriously Tanya.

    That was not the original title of this thread. The thread creator chose a far more gender neutral title.

    It seems that some mod has a sense of humor and changed the title as a result of various "Girlz Only Rides" getting posted, and did it for a lark.
  11. You're all just jealous of the Girls Only rides.... :wink:
  12. I thought it was just a term of endearment for those riders who didn't push it as hard through the twisties... you know 'oh Bruce your a girl'. I didn't realise we were being gender specific. :grin:
  13. What a great day!

    The sun was shining when we left Bikemart at about 10:20 and headed off into what was going to be a short squirt through Warrandyte, Kangaroo Ground, Kinglake, St Andrews, Toolangi and the spur...but everybody was having so much fun we just kept going all the way to Yea and then on to Mansfield and Whitfield and then back again. All up I think we covered just over 500k's over some of ther best roads this state has to offer and all at no more than 104kmh :wink:.

    A big thank you to Cam, Stu and Carl(spelling?) for coming along on this little adventure and leading most of it to...was great fun to ride with you all again :)

    As for the controversy with the title... after a few beers with some mods I suggested this title as a bit of a laugh...poking a bit of fun at the whole gender exclusive rides thing...one of the mods who shall remain nameless thought they would have a bit of fun with my post...there is no conspiracy or hidden agenda just a bit of friendly ribbing...and Tanya I know quite a few 'chicks' who regularly leave me behind :cry:

    Anyway...next ride will be posted soon and everybody is welcome whether you be chick, dick or even a matt232 :p

    PS: Pnut next time don't hit the snooze button mate! :LOL:
  14. Lol...smart arse :LOL:
  15. Ok, enough political correctness. You can change the ride title back now please Mr/s Moderator.

    [Melb] All D1cks, No Chicks ride to the hills - Sun 19 March

    ps I’m still working on the photos.
  16. and what!!!!!!!!!!!!, where did Matt232 comments go? I didn’t agree with his Brokeback Mountain assessment of the ride, but it was funny so I’ll pay it.
  17. It's 'cos you keep doing the "chicken dance". They can't get away from you fast enough! :p
  18. Mansfield-Whitfield Road

    Mansfield-Whitfield Road

    Well, we managed to make it up to this road. This is the first time I've been there as it was sealed during my hiatus from riding bikes.

    Good scenery. Very picturesque. A moderate mix of Eucalyptus and fernery flora, with the road driving through a variety of landscapes as its carves through forests, ridges, rocky escarpments, and back into forest again.

    Very interesting and technical piece of road, I have to say. On the way up between Mansfield and Whitfield I think I probably counted at least 12 decreasing radius corners that are severe enough to cause anyone cornering at 8/10ths or higher serious trouble. Straight sections of road frequently end with tight corners, often on a downhill slant requiring increased braking effort, and on more than a few occasions inconveniently located potholes and bumps at corner entry making an otherwise safe corner entry quite challenging. Also a fair degree of the trip from Mansfield to Whitfield places the mountainside on the left of the road, reducing visibility, and dense forest limits vision even through right handers, and with the constantly varying corner radii, this all makes for a highly challenging section of road.

    Heading back from Whitfield to Mansfield is immensely easier. Improved visibility. Those odd down-hill breaking sections into tight corners are now uphill and so less stressful. The road surface is also in better condition. I saw that one corner that caught some members out recently, with the "Decrease Speed" sign posted about 200m back before it, heading downhill into a heavily decreasing radius blind left-hander. Having just come up the road and learning the need to treat the road with caution, everyone on the ride traversed that corner safely and without troubles.

    Overall, a great section of road. If there was one stretch of road that I could say was most like it, in terms of technicality, that other road would be the Heyfield-Licola road.

    So if you haven't visited this section of road before, definitely give it a go. Just treat it with respect and caution if you have a habit of riding at 8+/10ths on the road. Instead slow down to 6/10ths, take it a little easier, and enjoy it.
  19. Re: Mansfield-Whitfield Road

  20. Just worked it out, since I didn't set the trip meter. Bang on 600kms door-to-door for the day for me. 470kms from ride start at BikeMart to ride break-up at Healesville. 'twas quite a full day.

    Thanks for the company and the day, Keith, Cam, and Karl (sp?).