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[Melb] Ride to Remember: Police Blue Ribbon Sunday 22 Jan 06

Discussion in 'VIC' started by G, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. Gee, it seems like it was just yesterday, the 2005 inaugural event.
    I just got a brochure in the mail and I think I'll go for another round of the green light(s). :grin:

  2. pfff i don’t want to remember last years one....i only just got outa hospital about a week before it...i hope to make this one though
  3. I couldn't make last year's ride - what are the details for this year?

    Eg - time, departure point, destination?
  4. I got something in the mail today too. I will be there.

    :grin: :grin:
  5. I too will be there, this time with my daughter on pillion.
    Is anyone interested in gathering at the start point to ride as a group?
    If so any suggestions on where to gather within the car park?
  6. It certainly happened after a fashion last year, so I hazard a guess it will happen again. You can tell by the NR paraphernalia; hats, T-shirts, number plate surrounds, etc.
  7. I'd either add an "a" to the front making it "admin" or call 9555 8000 and ask them to send you a reg. form in the mail (as they automatically did for me).
  8. If you check the calendar entry that Phanoogey linked to above (https://netrider.net.au/calendar/?action=details&id=434), it contains the registration form and brochure in PDF for download.
  9. sorry to ask a stupid question......


    A ride to remember.... what does it remember?

    (Sorry, im new to victoria so I dont know everything that has gone on in the past.... and it doesnt mention it on the brochure.... (seems a bit silly if you are going to have a ride to remember but then dont say what you are remembering))...
  10. http://www.policeblueribbon.com.au/ ...
    "The Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation perpetuates the memory of members of the Victoria Police killed in the line of duty through the support of worthwhile community projects within Victoria."
  11. Fair enough.... Might see everyone there then.... (wow... 30 murdered... thats a lot!)
  12. This is a good cause as all the monies go to Hospitals.

    If it was like the last one you may end up a little stiff & fatigued from riding like a statue.
    The ride itself maybe 'green corridor' however the reality is that it is strictly the use of 1 lane only and mostly below speed limits.

    My advice is to take an MP3 player along.
  13. Looks like it goes back beyond Glenrowan.
  14. we'll be going.(noisy cbr250rr&quiet xjr1300)
  15. Mr and Mrs Scumbag will be there again this year
  16. It was somewhat different for some of us last year :LOL:

    The parking marshals were going to leave after the main group, take a short cut and arrive prior to the main group so we could marshal them in.

    We were following a police car who went the wrong way and ended up behind some of the BMW Club ride which was in the same area. When the cops realised they'd led us astray :LOL: we had to push very hard to get there in time. :wink:

    Lots of fun following a police car pushing very hard through the Dandenongs and getting up to speeds that would normally cost lots of money to achieve :LOL: :LOL: :twisted:

    Unfortunately there's two groups of parking marshals this year - one for each end so it's not likely to happen again. :cry:

  17. Hoping to make it again this year. Last year was great!
  18. All going well Bangr will be there.