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[MELB] Ride to Phillip Island WSB - Sun 3rd April

Discussion in 'VIC' started by NovaCoder, Mar 29, 2005.

  1. So who's going to be riding down on the Sunday then?

    I'll be coming down from the SE depending on the weather man :)

    Anyone want to arrange a group ride down?

    Meet point: Nunawading MackyD's CNR Maroonda Hwy & Springvale Rd
    Departure time: 9:00 (ish)

    Ride down, watch some people riding round in circles all day, ride back again.
  2. Hmm ride down on sunday ?

    You could tempt me Nova but one problem .....

    I'll already be there !



    I love the smell of race fuel in the morning !!!!
  3. Evil Bob, evil :p
  4. That would be my twin your talking about !

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  5. I'll be riding in from Footscray, could meet along the way. What time are you planning on going?
  6. I'm flexiablish (new word) what kinda time were you thinking of Jake?

    Which way will you be heading down + where would be a good meet point for ya :?:
  7. Given that it's race day I expect to get going earlyish (9ish maybe?), I'll have a better idea once I've looked at the events schedule. I'll probably just schlep it down the freeway ( :roll: ). Where to meet depends on where you are coming from. I'm sure we can work something out.
  8. I'm coming from the SE (Ringwood). I'd normally head down Springvale then get on the HWY to Dandy.
  9. Haven't got a melways handy but we can agree on a place to meet along the way. Maybe a handy maccas or something.
  10. Track opens at 7am I think. I was considering tootling down real early and then finding somewhere in San Remo to stop for Breakfast (if any place is open)
  11. A Maccy D's might come in handy at that time of morning :LOL:

    There's one on the corner of SpringVale/Marronda HWY if that's any good to ya :?:
  12. Could be a plan Nova.
  13. Attending a wedding the night before so you guys might be leaving before I'm errr ready. But with any luck my dicipline will hold out and I take off for the island about 9ish 10ish.

    If you guys set a time and place, I'll try and be there but if I'm not, take off without me, I could be dealing with a hangover.
  14. Just got a program of race events. First Supstock race starts early - 8:30am.
  15. Can recommend the Bakery in Cowes on the right hand side at the third roundabout.. has pies and cakes and stuff if your so inclined to go into Cowes :D
  16. How are your typing skills? Any chance of throwing up the program for Sunday?
  17. Gotta agree with CBC on this one. The Bakery on the last roundabout on the main drag rocks and is definately your friend when breakfast is required and you cant wait til you get to the track for the traditional egg & bacon roll at the infield canteen \:D/
  18. So is the Maccy corner of SpringVale/Marronda HWY any good? If so, we'll set a time and meet up there...