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(MELB) Ride to Mt Baw Baw! May 7th!

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Denelor, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. Gday all,

    I'm sure im being ambitious, but im aiming to get my ZZR + girlfriend up to the top of mount baw baw on Sunday the 7th of May, and i thought id extend the invitation for anyone who's up for a scenic and moderately fast ride (we'll see how the bike goes)

    Here are the details:

    Where: Meet up at Lilydale McDonalds @ 10am SHARP
    Please have a fuelled up bike, and have had brekky.

    Items to bring: Extra warm riding gear, it may be snowy up there or at least slippery, so we dont want anyone freezing, Water to keep hydrated.

    Preparation: lube up your chain, check the tyres for pressure or embedded things, and your oil/coolant level. We will fuel up at Noojee (just in case, makes a good rest stop too) as there is no fuel available at the summit.

    What tha? who is this: Well, im basically a new netrider forum haunter, who wants to have a fun scenic ride at a moderate pace..

    I think that about covers it.. gixxer 1000 riders are welcome to come, but im sure a 2up zzr250 will only frustrate the heck outta them :p

    LEARNERS: most welcome however there are significant twistys involved in case you dont know the ride..

    I'll form a more concrete plan and if need be get it more organised with Ride leader/ TEC / Corner markers if necessary



    PS. gimme some feedback guys so i can work out how many people we have coming and adjust things accordingly

    Edit: Posted this ride in the ride calendar, hope ive followed all the forum guidelines (even if i did things in the wrong order) :oops:
  2. Hey, can you tell me if this ride would be suitable for a learner who has been riding for 6 weeks. Did today's ride to Yea and really enjoyed it. If so you can count me in.

    Had a little trouble with cornering on down hill steep curves... and still need practice on a twisties.
  3. This ride will be cold and wet and bloody slippery and the road surface will be challenging.Done this run a few times and i personaly dont think it is learner freindly :grin:
  4. Yeah man, just guessing that Mt Baw Baw might be a better ride in summer.. But then again so would most!

  5. Well, I wish you well with your ride, but having had a real good look at that road a couple of months ago - in the words (and inference) of Humphrey Appleby, that's a very "courageous" decision :?
  6. I might pass on this ride at this point. I think it may be too advanced for me. However, if there are any easier rides happening next weekend I will be in it if the weather is ok.

  7. Elly, try taking some friends and having a go again on some of the roads we took on Saturday. Up & back trough Christmas Hills etc. Or you could try the Warbuton Hwy, Woori Yallok-Healville & Healsville-Yarra Glen. From what I heard, you improved your conering 10 fold on Sat, so I'd say go and practice some of that new knowledge on familiar roads. If you take out the factor of not knowing the road, you can consentrate more on technique. It's amazing how much you can improve by taking the same road 2-3 times. :)

    Also, if you want some cornering practice close to home, give Yarra Bend a go. It's right in Melboune and has some nice tight turns, but with a 50km speed limit and not many intersections, it provides a relatively safe practice space. :grin:
  8. Seany, thank you that is great advice. I will try this out over the weekend, if the weather is good.
  9. I am keen for a learner friendly, safe, squirt this weekend.

    If you feel like a lap of the Mornington Peninsula Elly or company on a trip to Healesville and back i am keen, providing that the weather is nice.
  10. Anybody have a forecast for Sunday? I do not want to ride in pouring rain. No need to self - punish !
  11. It looks like Saturday will be fine, however the forecast for Sunday is a few showers...

    A ride sounds good for Saturday, may be towards Healsville, not sure how far Mornington is or what the roads are like. I have few friends that should also be interested...

    All depending on a weather update. ..
  12. Perhaps Saturday? No rain, just cold, and I can handle that! I just have to clear it with the Boss at home.
    What do you say Denelor? It is your ride, and your call!
  13. Update on forthcoming ride this sat!

    Gday all,

    Yes, it seems my hopes for a sunny autumn day have been foiled by melbourne weather once more.. The forecast definately looks iffy so at this stage i guess ill officially have to cancel it :(

    HOWEVER, i am personally open to riding it IF the weather turns good (ie. no rain, dry enough roads) but otherwise..

    Thanks for the responses people, we can try it again when the weather's milder.


  14. Loved last weekend to Yea. Lots of learners and advice, Seany u were great, any learner rides coming up, any opportunity I'll be there!
  15. any other noobs keen on a quick (2hour) blast around the peninsula? If the weathers nice (not wet)i will be leaving for a lap from Langy/Cranny or Franga around 1 pm ish. Off to Hastings, Flinders (stop), Browns rd to Aurthers seat (stop) up and down as many times as you like, down the hill into Dromana and up the esplanade into Morning, then Frankston - home.

    I am learner and will be travelling within the speed limit at all times. A ride together, rather than any led by me.
  16. It was a good idea to cancel, I went along as originaly planned in my Peugeot 405 mi 16 , with a couple of friends, and the roads leading up to Mt Baw Baw were definately not suitable for motorbikes. There was alot of debris on the road, and lost count of the number of fallen trees. We eventualy arrived to find a decent amount of snow on the roads just past the entry gates, and we had trouble getting traction in the car. It was 1 degree and the snow was falling fast, had a great snow fight and a decent lunch. I would highly recoment it as a cheap day out.