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[Melb] Ride to Kinglake, St andrews etc, Thur 29th Jan

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Bamm-Bamm, Dec 29, 2005.

  1. Too nice a weather to sit on my arse at home today so off for a ride we go :biker:

    Planned route is through Ringwood to Warrandyte, through Kangaroo flat to St Andrews then to Kinglake, Toolangi across to Healesville then home...although if we may modify the route if required

    Any takers...?

    All riders of all abilities welcome...the fast guys can go out front for a fang :twisted: ...and those who are happy to cruise just take your time

    MEET POINT: 12pm at Mobil service station on Canterbury Rd, Bayswater next to Mcdonalds

    Hope to see some familiar and not so familiar faces :)
  2. Dave and i will be there, just gotta gt our bums into gear :D
  3. If it wasn't for having to work, I'd be there! Unfamiliar face and all. :D
  4. Where were all you mob yesterday when I was looking for someone to do paky/woori/reefton/black/kinglake with? :evil: :LOL:

    I won't make this one, but have a good ride guys, and stay safe huh? :grin:
  5. Hey Macca, this is the ride that the sms was about ;)
    Chum Creek Rd....MMMMmmmmm :grin:
  6. I'm there! :D

    Pfft... message too short.
  7. Yeah, I fiigured as much, I just don't have enough time to get out that far today.. :cry:

    I'll just go and sulk doing laps of Arthurs Seat instead.. :LOL:
  8. Damnit! :mad: Why didn't I log on earlier? :(
  9. Sorry I missed this thread. Saw it all too late. :(

    Anyway, I headed up to Kinglake via Kangaroo Ground and St Andrews to see if I could see some Netriders, but saw a few people coming back down the hill only, and a couple of bikes at the servo. Looks like I missed you.

    Hey Seany, I should have posted I was heading up - we could have done the second run up there...

    I had a Nice ride at least :cool:

    Oh well ;) Next time.

  10. Sorry I wasn't able to make it I..... I.... slept in... yeah, thats it, I slept in :oops:

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. That's spooky. I've not long gotten back from a run through KG and St.A's to Kinglake then to Yarra Glen and back to Eltham via Christmas Hills. Had a ball, would've been fun to share it. :grin:
  12. Ha!

    That is spooky :cool:

    Oh well ;)

    Next time.

  13. any one for tomorrow?? 30th??
  14. Yep, when and where?
  15. Would love to but have already promised to take my ex kayaking at the beach. If we were still going out I'd ditch her and go for sure, but nodays I can't threaten to take away her sex if she cracks the shits. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. Yet another one who was THINKING of doing that run this morning...
    Ah well. Decided to do Noojee instead and left about 9. That was all fine, not a bad road. Then I thought I'd see how it was on the way up to Baw Baw.
    BERLLUUUDDDYY HELL! What a road! Especially after Icy Creek. Certainly no racetrack, as its very narrow and a bit bumpy, but the most incredible string of serpentine switchbacks and cambered keyholes, through deep forest and patches of farmland.
    The corners were so intense and close together that I had to stop - twice - just to take a breather before getting to the top.
    Not for the fainthearted, though. Take it easy if you haven't been there.
  17. Hmmm - I could be in for a ride tomorrow, as long as it's not an epic...unfortunately there are a few chores around here bugging me :p

    Whatd'ya have in mind?
  18. well I was thinking... I have to be in St albions/ sunshine around 5... and than coffees at the south bank around 6-7...

    so eather a ride in the morrning starting early 9-10 finishing up 3-4 or one later starting going north finishing North west of melb around 6...

    I'm thinking of an exploration type ride... just head out with a map but no real plans... just a direction...
  19. This was the second time i've been riding with you Keith that you've mistaken the green stuff for the black stuff where your meant to ride..
    If it was a dirt bike it would have nobby tyres on it not smooth with grooves..

    Good day tho till my phone call..
  20. I'd be up for an early ride ;)