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[Melb] Ride to Kinglake and Yea, Sun 30th Jul

Discussion in 'VIC' started by kiwimike, Jul 29, 2006.

  1. Short notice I know :oops:
    Anyone up for a blast tomorrow 30/7- meet @ shell servo corner of Reynolds Rd & Blackburn Rd 10.30am.
    Out to Warrandyte, Kinglake, St Andrews Rd (twisty) & Tyaak hill, Glenburn, Yea, & back through Yarra Glen.
    Weather permitting of course, not into slipping & sliding on those roads. :LOL:
    Pm me for my number if you want, hope to see you there!

  2. I could be interested, and I know Bart's up for something too. I might struggle to keep up with you blokes though, a 250 versus a 1400 and an 1100!!
  3. OK, I'll saddle up now and try and get out there.

    Oh, I might be a little late...
  4. bart & van, thanks for coming out on the ride today- I had a blast! :grin:
    van, your 250 had no probs keeping up whatsoever mate- bart- impressive touring set up on yer bike mate.
    See you guys on the road sometime. :)
  5. And thank you for organising a great day on some top roads!

    Had a ball, gotta do it again some time! And yeah, the two-fiddy sure left me for dead...
  6. Yeah, 'twas a good day! Glad to hear my widdle Hyosung isn't so bad heh. Obviously I'm looking forward to upgrading when the time comes, but in the meantime, I have no complaints! Been getting no shortage of compliments on its looks heh.

    Thanks for organising a great ride Mike, and thanks to you, Bart, Darren and Carlos for being so friendly!

    Top day for sure, y'all who didn't come definitely missed out!