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[Melb] Ride through the Otways & GOR

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by CamKawa, Nov 20, 2005.

  1. Last minute motorcycle marathon ride. Meet at Shell servo at the base of the West Gate Bridge, the one leaving Melbourne @ 9:15 for a 9:30 departure.
    The 2nd meeting point will be at Geelong at the 2nd Mobil servo leaving town on the main drag, near the Go-kart track at about @ 10:30.
    3rd meeting point will be at Colac, BP servo, the first one coming into town on the main drag @ about 11:30 or however long it takes to get from Geelong to Colac.
    Then off to Port Campbell, Lavers Hill, Apollo Bay, Lorne, back to Geelong then ride back to Melbourne.

    Reluctant to take on learners due to the length of the ride and fact I'll be shuffling along at some speed.

    BYO food and drinks.

    Arrive back at Melbourne sometime after dinner.

    You can SMS on to indicate your attendance or just rock up. My name is Cameron and I ride a blue/black 2002 ZX9. Anyway better start getting ready...
  2. Hey Cam, I probably saw you along the way, I left Geelong 10:30 on my way to meet some other sv riders. How was the trip? I noticed the traffic wasn't too bad, still get the occasional moron of car drivers who take absolutely no notice of the pile of cars behind them.
  3. yer we spotted you legging it out of Geelong while waiting at the second Mobil Servo.

    I'm completely stuffed after Tassie then heading off on this ride which I cut short(ish) due to fatigue and holding CK up.
  4. Matt, I think you did the right thing heading up via Forest. The GOR was full of cars from Apollo Bay onwards - not so much fun. Thanks for joining me at such short notice. Riding through the Otways with those wide fast open sweeping corners was awesome.
  5. Skeens Creek Road had only 5 cars on it and most of those were after the twisty section. Never been on it before and it was a good reminder of some of the Tassie roads.