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[melb] Ride: Sun 6 Feb, Intermediate+

Discussion in 'VIC' started by FormerUser2, Feb 2, 2005.

  1. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  2. Does that include fag-breaks?

    What about over the limit :roll:
  3. how long is the ride likely to take?
  4. All day for sure....I'd expect 5pm finish or later. Bit long for me. I might be free for 4 hours Sunday morning, so might post an alternate. Hope you get some takers Martyh. If not, have you tried the Motorcycle Sports touring club of Vic. They run rides every week. See http://ariel.ucs.unimelb.edu.au/~ben/mtcv/ at the calendar page. They're hard chargers, so I tend to give them a miss. Prefer something a bit less licence threatening.
    Have fun!
  5. Arrgghh.....I didn't mean quite that non-threatening! The missus gets hold of that idea and she'll have me doin it in the cage!
  6. Damn it.. I need a ride that is beg-intermediate.. have a friend picking up a bike on Saturday for a tour down to Tassie and she wants to get out and about, but not flogged the whole day :?
  7. Hey Marty

    Count me in. See you Sunday! :D
  8. It's always my call Petal :p

    I think my call says a ride up Mtn Hwy to Mt Donna is the go :p :D
  9. :cry:

    Dammit, told you I couldn't make Sunday! Now I'm pissed... I haven't had a decent mountain ride for ages :(

    Anything going on Sat? :LOL:
  10. Im about 70% yavol heir commondant(phonetic)....
  11. This ride sounds fantastic.

    Better get used to the bike first though, wouldn't want to drop it on the first outing!
  12. Sounds great but I will be flying the desk low and fast that day. Maybe next time "deep sigh".

    Bloody winter will be here before I get a good ride in. Oh thats right it is here already - snow predicted on the alps tonight :shock: :shock:
  13. Cool, excellent ride. See ya there
  14. May actually be a small chance I can make it. Might have to bail early depending on our progess, but I'll confirm later if I can!
  15. hey hey

    bob and i might meet you on the way back, were thinking of stopping at mirboo north on the way home for lunch, who knows :D