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[Melb] Ride - SportsBar, Robsalvv Play, Fri 3rd after coffee

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Untame_me, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. Hi Guys,

    As you may be aware, Robsalvv is playing in his band Pogo this Friday at the Sports Bar Casino this Friday. And it is also his b'day.

    I'm thinking that a group of us should ride there after coffee....

    Band kicks off at 9pm.

    Anybody's in?
  2. Hey cool UTM, I've never had a thread about me before.

    Yep... we're definitely at the sports bar on Friday... but we're known as "Howard" - don't ask! We've been on high rotation there for 18months now...

    No cover charge, all welcome!

    Sure, come on in after friday night coffees. If there's not a bazillion of you's, I can stash jackets etc behind stage... but that means you can't leave during a set! :p

    Bugger about it being my b'day... this getting older caper has hair on it!! ... actually, lack of hair... lol.


  3. Sounds like fun.
    Happy Birthday Robsalvv.
    Unfortunately, I'll be at the Island and won't be able to attend. :(
  4. Thanks G.

    Hope the island is fun!
  5. A HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATE!!! :birthday:

    sorry, don't think i can make it tonight. if i want to get away for the wkd i'll need to be getting through a sh*tload of work tonight so i can head to the island tomorrow but have a fab time, hope it's a great gig (Casino sounds pretty damn impressive!!) and look forward to seeing you on a ride some time eh?!

    loadsaluv, carri xx
  6. Happy Birthday Rob, have a blast tonight.
  7. Thx Carri and Scumbag!

    Much appreciated :)

    I'll have an extra drink for you guys :)

    :beer: :beer: :cheeky: :dance: :woot: :music:

    (Love these emoticons!)
  8. Happy birthday yasumanabtch ;).

    Have a great gig, I'll have to skip it :(. I just might be buying a house tomorrow so need to be fresh enough to beat up the other bidders :)
  9. Thanks Jake. :) I did have a good gig and bday weekend. :))

    So how'd ya go? Is there a house warming in the wind????????