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[Melb]Ride GOR Tue 26Sep

Discussion in 'VIC' started by popeswd, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. Looking at the Weather for the next few days and School Hoildays
    half over. I need to go for a ride before have to go back to work.

    So ask a mate what he is doing on Tuesday

    Let go down the GOR. Down to about Lavers Hill may be ?

    Will be leaving Laverton about 8.00 to 8.30 at this time

    Any one may be up for this?
  2. At this stage I would like to join you.
    I will wait til monday evening and confirm for sure. :)
  3. thats ok i look in monday night
    we can work out some where to meet if you come
  4. i'd be up for a ride on tues. Any designated meeting place?? 8.00 is pretty early!!!
  5. my mate will be coming from Greensborough
    you my be able to tag along

    yes we would like to go at this time it will be long ride with Lunch
    and stops along way will take all Day
    About 450 odd Klm's

    Can meet at Shell Petrol Station
    Geelong Fwy and Point Cook Road
    Will Leave Here at 8.30
  6. Great Day
    I am out of here the GOR
    bom looks good

    see anybody there
  7. I slept in :shock:
    oh well, have fun guy's, it sure is a beautiful day for it :)
  8. was going to say think you missed this ride ;) shame too as it's a nice day to be out on the bike
  9. :LOL:
    maybe I'll just get on the "oddie cologne" and see if someone wants to have lunch in Marysville instead.
    Don't worry, I'll be out there...for sure :)
    Can't let this weather go to waste :)
  10. These are the days I wish I did not have to work. Taking a sickie is not an option either. :( :( :(
  11. b0000 sitting up here in he office looking out at the blue blue sky to the south west.... can I just say it looks perfect!!!! not even windy!

    haha just thought I'd let everyone share my envy.
    Hope there are more days like this to come, throwing in the Suzi for it's first service next week. Then will be up for some longer rides!
  12. Yes it was a great day for a ride

    start with deans marsh then lorne and apollo bay
    Weather great not many cars at all
    then of to Lavers Hill still only a few cars
    did get a bit windy after Lavers Hill
    we went to Port Campbell
    can back through Lavers Hill then over to Forrest
    Home in Laverton about 5.50p.m

    We had to stay a 1 hour longer then we want to in Port Cambell
    for the lobster to cook. the guy said 20 Min HaHa
    so when we got home there was not a problem at all
    Walk in the door with Lobster