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[MELB] Ride down to the Island from MELB on Sunday

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, Oct 6, 2005.

  1. Sunday day-trip to the Phillip Island MotoGP

    Meeting point: Macca's carpark, corner of Springvale Road and Maroondah Hwy.

    Time: 7.45am for an 8am sharp departure (Hoping to reach the gate by 9.15-9.30 in time to catch the MotoGP practice session)

    Route: down Burwood Road to Belgrave, Emerald, C0ckatoo (or three). Then Packenham Upper (yay!), Koo Wee Rup and the rest of the way with the mob.

    Contacts: Loz on 0418 219 330

    The plan is to hit the circuit, park the bikes in one of the official parking areas and hopefully find the Netrider mob.

    Current takers:
    Loz n Chengaleng
    Copper1000 (pickup in Emerald/Packenham?)

  2. Im day tripping on sat and i got no idea how to find it......but I might be up for a day trip on sunday too
    Im not going into the race but just want to be down there for the buzz......cash flow isnt too good right now
  3. Cool, where ya coming from bro?
  4. Yep I'll also been heading down on Sunday if the weather is good (crosses fingers).

    How about the Macky D's on the crnr of Maroonda Hwy/Springvale road (Mitcham)?

    What kind of time?
  5. Out of curiousity, how much is a weekend ticket to the MotoGP?
  6. What time leaving, what route down there?
    I usually take the back roads, but I guess I don't care too much which way. It'll depend on the weather, but I might be interested.
  7. That don't sound too far out of the way...

    I hope to get down there in time to see the motoGP warmup laps, so we'd have to be at the gate by 9.15 or so I'd guess.

    So yeah, a pretty early start.
  8. 2005 Polini Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix - Official Site


    Season - 3 day
    $130 ADULT
    $74 CONC.*
    $260 FAMILY*

    Friday General Admission
    $35 ADULT
    $18 CONC.*
    $70 FAMILY*

    Saturday General Admission
    $59 ADULT
    $35 CONC.*
    $118 FAMILY*

    Sunday General Admission
    $77 ADULT
    $49 CONC.*
    $154 FAMILY*
  9. Cheers Titus! That's really good value.
  10. Titus, any back road routes you'd care to furnish would be great, the south gippy is a boring ride. But we do wanna get down there pretty early so we can't get too curly about it!
  11. Along the grand ridge road is your best option.
  12. Yeah that's a great road Matt, but it's dirt from Warragul for about 20-30 k's. It's pretty good gravel, but when I was there last Sunday I could only manage an average of 50-60k's without brickin' meself, and I don't back myself on dirt with a 100hp roadbike and a pillion trying to make it to the GP church on time!
  13. I reckon we'd have to leave Mitcham around 8:00 to make the gate at 9:15....
  14. Hey Loz I'll be riding up either on Sat or Sun, what ever is a better day to ride, want to meet up in Williamstown?
  15. Enforcer, if it's Sunday, why not come over the westgate and the bolte, I'll pick you up at racecourse rd and we'll meet nova at the end of the eastern? I'll have a look at what routes might be of interest.
  16. Just incase anybody is still after accomodation i still have 2 beds available in a house located in Cowes about 5 minutes from track. It is a VERY (like 3 weeks ago) reonvated house is great condition. The cost is $75/PP/night. This is what it is going to cost me and Dad so you won't be getting ripped off, i.e. we are currently paying $150/PP/night. We have it for the nights of the 13-16 so if anyone is interested in a bed PM me.

  17. Nothing too fancy. If we go Eastern to Springy/Whitehorse McD's,
    I would be going down Burwood Road to Belgrave, Emerald, Cockatoo. Then Packenham, Koo Wee Rup and the rest of the way with the mob.
    Even that will add half an hour to the trip, so I wouldn't recommend any additional farting about.
    Doesn't matter to me which way tho', I'm only concerned with getting there this time :)

    EDIT: Aww c'mon! C*ckatoo is NOT a SWEAR word!
  18. If you are heading down early on Saturday, don't forget the Cranbourne Gp run is on, so if you don't want to join the run, your best bet is to avoid Cranbourne like a plague because the main drag is closed for the run and there are 1000's of bikes there :D
  19. Did it twice around new years, didn't see a gravel section. A few of the small "towns" seemed to have setup permanent 1x1 metre patches of road works at either end of "town" so they could drop the speed limit through thier "towns". Other than that the only thing was all the livestock crossings.
  20. MOTO GP

    anyone riding to the GP?

    I was thinking of doing the Cranbourne ride on the Saturday, have to borrow a bike though......