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[Melb] Ride and some lunch then some more riding, Sun 27 Nov

Discussion in 'VIC' started by deyago, Nov 23, 2005.

  1. Righto, I've barely ridden for 3 months and what I have done has only been commuting to work for the last week and a bit. I've had enough.

    Here's my plan: I'm going to turn up to the St Andrew's Pub at about 9:30. I''ll stumble around looking for a toilet and possibly something to eat if the pub is open. By 10am or thereabouts I'm jumping on the bike and riding to Kingslake via the Great And Oh So Twisty Mountain Road. Once there I will once again stumble around, not sure what for but it's keeping in line with the feel of things.

    Once more aloft the bike I will head towards Kingslake West where I plan to turn right and take another fantastic road, let's call it the Really Nice Big Sweapers Road With Some Tighter Bits and Long Open Bits Too road which will plonk me into the heart of Yea. No idea what Yea is known for but saying it is nice and lifts my mood. It also has great parking and lots of bikes going through. There is a pub. It serves food. I will buy some. Probably deceased bovine and weeds with pepper sauce.

    Afterwards, There is going to be more riding of motorcycles to a As Yet To Be Determined Locale.

    I would like you to join me. I will not, however, take kindly to unsafe or unskilled and overconfident types treating this as a dick extention wank fest to prove to their mate Barry they can ride faster than Tugger. It's a relaxing ride at pace where everyone arrives and gets home too. If this sounds like your hot beverage of choice, let me know or just turn up.

    I'm the short hairy guy in black leathers on a red VFR, probably brandishing a thermos and complaining about the early hour, my helmet is the same as my avatar. I might even bring yummy biscuits.
  2. I'm racing this Sunday :cry:

    Maybe next time. Sounds like a good run. Enjoy :wink:
  3. Race the real bike, put the other one in your pocket :p :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  4. I'd like too but who knows if I can. Redwing Honda told me I could pick my bike up on Tuesday arvo. When I got there they had just Starded work at 2:30 that day despite having the parts delivered mid October. Then they told me that they'd just realised 2 parts still haven't arrived. I called them today to find out where the parts were, and they said they didn't know. Apparently, they can call Kawasaki to get the price list on parts when the fax didn't come through, and can call again to order parts, but something stops them from calling to find out where the parts are. Yeah, I know, it sounds like total bullshit but that's what they told me. Just because they've been lying to me for 8 weeks doesn't mean this line's a load of shit too. does it?
  5. :LOL: :LOL:

    Nah bro. I cant miss this one :oops:

    Its my long awaited debut bro.. 6mths in the waiting :LOL:
    Gotta meet the interstaters coming down as well.

    I go to the track every 2nd Sunday. The alternative w/end is
    for the big bike :D
  6. Sounds like fun, mind if a newbie such as myself tags along (don't worry, unless you plan on scraping I'll keep up)?

  7. Re: [Melb] Ride and some lunch then some more riding, Sun 27

  8. Sure mate, as long as everyone knows this is not a learner friendly ride per se. I don't plan on waiting for people beyond the already mentioned stops and at the turn off to Yea. If you fall behind we'll see you at the next stop. That said, I'm not exactly Rossi's greatest threat so you should be fine.

    I think I'll let Groberts bring the cookies now, his are more fun than Arnott's Assortments :LOL: :wink: .
  9. would love to come but have a ride on with other group :(
    will try to get on to a ride neeeeext weekend 8)
  10. I wouldnt mind coming along for a ride, any chance of meeting at Macca's in diamond creek first off, if not l will just see you at St Andrews
  11. I will go too as long as its not raining. I will be on the very multicoloured ZX6R ( of course ) and my hubby will be on a black firestorm.
    I like Arnotts Monte Carlo's and Jam Fancies
  12. I can meet you at KFC Greensborough in the car park around 9ish if you like curtaingirl, then ride to St Andrews from there :)
  13. Julie, thats a great idea. But if its bucketing down, im a no show. I am always very punctual, so if im not there by 9.10, go without me. does anyone know the weather forecast?
  14. Kate if its raining l wont be going either..lol, but if you dont end up going for some other reason just send me an sms and l will continue on
  15. Dear Hairy One,

    Listen to the wind; I'll be belting through Yea with a band of hungry Bevelutionaries.

    I be the one with the Maoist headwear.

    Comrade G. 8)
  16. Ah Comrade G, it may be the way to go with the Bevelutionaries, all weather dependent of course.

    Desmodronic Fundamentalist.
  17. I hope you all have a miserable time you able bodied riding B@ST@DS!!

    Enjoy yourselves and think of me sitting at home alone, with nothing to do. :evil:

    I feel a whole lot better after that. :D

    Take care everybody.
  18. Could be a possibility depends on how im felling after gig on sat night 9.00 am at kfc grennsbourough sounds good