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[MELB] Rialto observation deck to close

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by quietman, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. Had to happen sooner or later after they opened up the Eureka Tower so wasn't exactly unexpected.
  2. Bit of a shame though. I have some good memories from trips to that observation deck.
  3. You could always take in the view when it becomes the new location for Vue du Monde restaurant. But be warned - mate was given a $300 voucher for the old VdM, took his wife... and was still out of pocket $500!
  4. would of wanted to be a bloody good steak and bj for $500 :rofl:
  5. Was reading that in the paper today. It seems they want to try and clean up that end of town putting in more apartments and restaurants. It was once the Melbourne icon but yeah ivda its kind of overshadowed by the eureaka.

    Sounds like rockpool titus
  6. Dining in such rarified air would indeed be a mind blowing experience. :cool:

    If you appreciate exquisite food and ever have the opportunity, I'd suggest you do it at least once in your life. ;)