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[melb] reputable bike shops?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Technik, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. Hi all

    I just accepted a job offer in Melbourne and am planning to move down there in January 2007.

    Does anyone know any reputable bike shops in Melbourne? Preferably one that stocks Kawasaki? :grin:


  2. Race Replica Kawasaki in Brooklyn are decent
    Balls Tuning is also a long term stayer in the industry for a good reason
  3. Thanks for your quick reply. I had a browse at the Kawasaki official website and found the following:

    1300 KAWASAKI
    FERNTREE GULLY, Vic 3156

    Ph: (03) 9757 6000
    Fax: (03) 9757 6099


    Brighton Kawasaki
    BRIGHTON EAST, Vic 3187

    Ph: (03) 9557-4383
    Fax: (03) 9557-4735


    Cosway Motorcycles
    MELBOURNE, Vic 3000

    Ph: (03) 9663-4565
    Fax: (03) 9663-2589


    Mornington Motorcycles & PWCs
    MORNINGTON, Vic 3931

    Ph: (03) 5976-3800
    Fax: (03) 5975-2101


    Race Replica Service Centre
    6/535 GEELONG ROAD
    BROOKLYN, Vic 3025

    Ph: (03) 9318-0004
    Fax: (03) 9318-0104


    Sharptune Motorcycles Pty Ltd
    DANDENONG, Vic 3175

    Ph: (03) 9792-0232
    Fax: (03) 9794 0304


    Has anyone had any dealing with the above bike shops?

  4. I've had a few dealing with Cosway in the city, simply because they have had the parts I needed/have been available to fit them at short notice.
    The staff were a bit rude, and not very friendly, but they got the job done, and done well.
  5. I use Floyd Parkes Kawasaki (the first one on your list) for services and will probably buy my next bike from them. I had teething issues but find them good to work with and they do that extra bit. they are out of my way for general bike extras (i use bikemart mostly) but they have a fair range of accesories and give good discount if you are a regular.
  6. Thanks guys. I will check out the stores this weekend!
  7. You should get good service out of Brighton Kawasaki, one of the few places where I haven't heard complaints about. So what size bike you looking for?
  8. They'll be getting my bike this week so I'll see what they're like.
  9. Floyd Parkes (Ferntree Gully) - heard some rough stories about them, but personally haven't dealt with them.

    Brighton Kawa - my experience with their service department has been disappointing. That said, many kawasaki owners take their bikes there and have been more than pleased. They are pricey, and apparently worth it, but couldn't/wouldn't solve my problem (and charged me).

    Mornington Motorcycles - no good, really. Great if you wanna buy a bike, not so good if you wanna buy parts (overpriced), and dodgy if you want servicing.

    Race Replica - good for parts, through the mail anyway.

    Sharptune - rip-off merchants (IMHO). Conned me once, not happening again.

    Still trying to find a good Kawasaki dealer! My mechanic at the moment is actually a Triumph guy. :/
  10. Location?
  11. Floyd Parkes (now 1300 Kawasaki) did my 24K km service this week. wound up $1000 poorer. found cam chain was stretched and tensioner damaged plus i put a new front tyre on. Was shocked initially but went over the bill with a mate and broke it down, parts were priced ok and labour was 600, given 24k service included decarbon of heads and valve clearances not that bad.
    MG how did your visit go.
  12. Cosway have been brilliant for parts, Brighton Kawasaki brilliant for being suckered in to free advice :grin: which eventually led to me buying stuff
  13. Near Flemington. You need to be referred by one of his Triumph customers though - he doesn't like Japanese bikes. :p
  14. Can't comment on the quality of workshops and things, but from my cruising around bike shops recently, I got alot of being completely ignored or attempts to sell me things which i didn't want/don't need.

    I will say so far that my best dealings have been with Race replica at brooklyn and A1 at ringwood. Both shops have been really happy to help out, and give me advice on gear, also very friendly. Young bloke at A1 really seems to know alot about the products (in depth) not just the features.

    My 2c, will post my dealings as I have more to do with some of the local shops.
  15. Its sad there are no Kawi dealers in the north western suburbs.
  16. jumped in peter steven in the city. The shop has a wide range of gears and lot of hi end goodies. The sales person that helped me was very useful too. almost purchased a wrong fitted helmet (he helped me sorted out 'what is a fitted helmet'. price is negotiable too. :)
  17. If it's any help, I've tried out Brighton Kawasaki several times and found them to be really helpful. :)

    Once after the bike needed some work due to a car door being opened in front of me, I rang them up. Though they were technically booked out for several weeks... after I said "just make it work, we'll worry about making it beautiful later" they booked me in for the next day and I had the bike on the road again in 3 days. Yay.

    Another place I can recommend is Speer Performance in Richmond. I was overseas a few weeks ago, and a mate said he'd take my bike in for a major service to a place he liked while I was away. (And also give him a chance to try out a different 250. ;-> )

    I'd mentioned to my mate that I wanted to see what could be done to the bike to try and get some extra hp or just increase the riding experience in general... (I'm always trying things out!). Asked him to see if they could try out the NGK Iridium plugs, which they did, and they also put in some special racing quality motorex engine oil... 10-60W. Bike definitely has a more snappy kick to it now. The guy also detailed my bike, and has helped me fix a coolant leak that was missed by the Brighton Kawasaki guys after the above mentioned door incident. ;->

    So, thumbs up there.

    Details from the Speer Performance website (www.speerperformance.com.au):

    Speer Performance
    116 Cubitt St,
    0410 752 034

    Hope that helps. :)