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[Melb] Redwing Honda Shopping Night, Wed 21st June

Discussion in 'VIC' started by glipschitz, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. Redwing Honda have opened their new accessory superstore & clearance warehouse and to celebrate they're offering a closed shopping night for Netrider Members.

    What's on offer?
    20% off all accessory department items in store (Clearance Items Excluded)

    Redwing Stock the latest from Arai, Shoei, Dainese, Shift, Fox, Dri-Rider, RST, Teknic, Sidi, KBC, Shark, AGB, Draggin Jeans and heaps more!


    Date: Wednesday June 21st
    Time: 6pm - 9pm
    Location: Redwing Honda - 78 Bell Street, Heidelberg

    Food, Nibblies & Drinks Provided

    For more information, contact Tyson on 03 9459 5553 or email tyson@redwinghonda.com.au

  2. Sounds tempting... :grin:
  3. Nope wont be shopping there even for 30% off :cool:
  4. will have to stop by to have alook I think...
  5. Would have to agree with z900

    Tyson's a top bloke but the other day I was waiting for around 30mins before anyone approached to help me and the shop was bloddy empty.

    Last time I was there I had to wait over 40mins to buy a jacket.

    Either I'm one unapproachable mother or they just don't give a fark cause their HONDA, I would think the latter.

  6. These guys move than moved mountains for me (One of the major reasons I've been strongly leaning towards getting another Honda, just for Redwing's exceptional service in all departments), added to that I've got quite a few bits of gear that need replacing after the accident and Redwing have my preferred brands in stock so I'm there will some serious bells on.

    :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:
  7. Yep there service is shit, tyson was cool when i took my faulty boots back in there and said they would be replaced in 2-3 days. Then john took over 3 weeks later and lots of stories then offered me substandard boots not water proof,so after some thought i took them as couldnt listen to bullshit anymore but kept the old boots and repaired them myself so 2 boots for the price of one. F**k you redwing :LOL:
  8. Look, everyone has different experiences - just mine weren't as nice as Matt232.

    Hey I mighht even pop in to say hello to the guy that stared at me for over 5mins and didn't even approach me.

    And I was going to spend over $500 on a pair of SIDI'S.

    RW Can kiss my and
  9. So......
    If I wanted to buy a genuine fly screen for my Hornet and a tinted visor for my Shark helmet, that would entitle me to 20% off the bill?
  10. I wonder if we will see Seany making an appearance? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. i'll be there for a new helmet :D
  12. I've been in there a couple of times, they always had a 'hello' at the front door and then followed it up with....................................................


    When I wanted something I had to ask the salesman to come and help me. Now I'm not a precious so and so, but that sort of service goes against everything I have learned in 20yrs of customer service jobs. They weren't bitchy or useless when finally helping me, just complacent in getting my business which I could quite easily take elsewhere. They had a chance to 'make' me a customer, and they blew it. The hardest thing in a retail business is to get new customers in the door, how you can loose them so easily from there makes me cringe.
  13. I'll have to think about it. 300m is a long way to walk. :shock:

    I wonder what sort of drinks. Those bastards owe me a few beers I reckon. :LOL:
  14. Hmm... it's quite far, but I might go and take a look. I am lookin' for a pair of draggin cargo's.
  15. Man.................., shops cant win.

    People whinge when they are greeted and asked if they need help by the sales droids or they will whinge when they are left alone.

    Not that I have ever done the job but I reckon I'd get pretty pissed quickly if I had to approach each and every person that walked in the shop.

    Whats wrong with having a browse, then walking up to a droid and saying, "mate when you got a minute......"
  16. Get pissed at work! Vic, you're a bloody genious! How much more fun would it be! :dance: :LOL:
    Yep, I'm with you there. For the most part I know what I want and can find it myself.

    Ask if you need help and otherwise go nuts. You're allowed to pull stuff off the racks and try it on etc..(It's polite to put it back). You don't need the sales people to hold your hand while you do it.
  17. You should have seen me in the late 90's working nightclubs.

    Kahlua & coke looks like normal coke ;)

    Once it hit 4am no one got thrown out for being too drunk ;)
  18. +1 on that. :p
  19. I admit..their hey hows it going approach isnt the best to make you feel like you wana part with ya $$.. but they did save me last year on my fireblade when I got a blow out and replaced my tyre in good time and called me when it was ready.. but yeah. I had a hard time with top gear(now peninsula suzuki) down in seaford after being given a canary on my indicators and mudguard and such.. when they were quite keen to keep me away from the shop and let me work out my defects on my own ..and even suggested I take it to vic roads to be cleared without even changing a thing on my bike.. then when I approached marty(the owner) and told him I wasnt happy at robs lack of involvement.. he got it sorted .. only took them 4 weeks to sort something that took 2 days.. ahh well.
  20. ha ha ha ha.. he had a SOFT spot.. I bet she was impressed..hehe