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[MELB]Red Nose Day 30-June-06

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by vic, May 29, 2006.

  1. Folks,

    It is that time of year again.

    Sids & Kids are holding their annual Red Nose Day Appeal.

    As you may be aware this charity was robbed last week of several thousands of dollars after thieves broke into their premises.

    Some people should be deprived of the ability to steal good oxygen, however.....

    I have spoke with S&K and we tossed a few ideas around and seeing that Groberts was booked for ugliness at SouthBank, I thought it was time we restored the publics faith in riders using SouthBank.

    The proposal to-date is as follows;

    Riders will be asked to turn up to SouthBank and purchase a rednose for their bikes.
    The riders will have to be well groomed because they are going to get in contact with Channel 10 and try to get Mark Larkham (the weather dood) down there so CH10 can do a live cross. This would be great PR work for riders that use SouthBank.

    We would obviously contact the Herald Sun & the Age and see if we can get a short story in there reminding people that it is Red Nose Day yadda yadda.

    Feedback and thoughts appreciated, I'll be speaking with S&K later this week.

  2. Vic assuming no conflicting family duties at this time will be there red nose and all.

    If I can't make it be assured I will still buy at least a red nose on the day. :)
  3. sounds great, but if there is gonna be a weather report from southbank, it means that there needs to be alot of us at the venue before 6. since the weather report is at ten to 6 on channel 10.
  4. Yes I know.

    There are 2 weather reports, 1 is at 5.20 the other at 5.50.

    Are you suggesting we couldnt manage to get 30-40 bikes at SouthBank at that time?
  5. what is the date vic ? I will drag one of them out if the leg lets me , I can be there at any time .

  6. oops , that would be a dumb question , lets try 30 june , it is the pain killers I tell you . :-w
  7. u probably can, just depending what time people finish work. i usually finish work at 6 but cause i work for my dad, i should be able to leave early and get there
  8. great idea mate! i would definately get involved....great charity.

  9. for this charity I could definately make it to my third Friday Coffee.
  10. yep sounds good to me. +1
  11. I will be there Vic. :) Definitely!.
  12. Great work Vic,

    It's a great cause and I'll be leaving work early to be there!! :grin:

    I won't have the "L" plate on the bike by then :grin:
  13. robbed again? wernt they robbed a couple of months ago too? maybe they need to look into better security :0

    id try to be there :)
  14. Hi,

    As the Wagga Wagga regional Sids & Kids Representatives, my wife and i wish to say thanks to all who support Sids & Kids, we lost our 7 month old daughter almost 10 years ago and to know there are so many kind hearted people out there willing to get behind such a cause makes us feel like we are not alone, even after ten years the pain doesnt go away, and the comfort that others are trying to help find a cure/reason and to help other children and there families with such ordeals is a great comfort. So cheers to all, wont be in melbourne we have our own promotions to run here in Wagga Wagga. So good luck and thanks again.

    P.S are you guys thinking of doing something similar this year..?
  15. Sorry to hear about your loss mate

    I've lost a couple of cousins to Sids and as such have a very strong and personal connection with the cause, as I'm sure most of the supporters of this cause would also have
    It's always sad to hear of anyone in your position, but hopefully if we can continue to grow support for Sids & Kids then one day hopefully they'll find a cure/reason for it...

    Vic, if you need any help with absolutely anything to do with the Red Nose Day appeal please let me know coz I'll be more than happy to do all that I can to help out!!
  16. Sorry to hear your loss mate, as small as it is I always try and do something every year. As a father I can only try to understand your loss, people sometimes say the world's a cold place and sometimes it is but sometimes people show that we are all connected.

    Come on you Wagga Netriders get something going up there!
  17. Thanks folks. Nice to see the support is there.

    A distant friend of the wifes lost a child to SIDS :(

    As a father of the 2 most precious girls in the world I can't imagine what people would be going through.
    No parent should have to bury their child, absolutely no one.

    Thanks for the offer FB, I will let everyone know of any assistance that is required to make the day a success.
  18. yeah ill be there
    hell i would even go there on a cruiser if vic rode down with a
    I LOVE SUZUKI flag
    :grin: :grin:
  19. Would love to be there but no chance of me being able to get off work early to get in there by then. Sorry. Will buy a red nose anyway. It is a great cause.
  20. I lost a brother 22 years ago. I'll definately be there!! I always support these sorts of causes.