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[Melb] Recommended First Aid courses in Melbourne

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. Looks like I might be a motorcycle marshal for a bicycle Victoria event... but I need to get a first aid level 2.

    St Johns is an obvious choice and their course is about $200. But there are a plethora of small providers for half the price... it seems like a case of oils and oils though, soooooo I was wanting to get some word of mouth recommendations from Melbourne Netrider land.

    Fire away guys. :)

  2. hope u get to pash a bloke at your course bwwaaaaa
  3. Is there an "unthank" button? lol
  4. Red cross usually does one cheaper than that, not sure if its a stage 2 though rob.

    Not sure where you work, any chance you can get them to send you? At the least you can probably write it off on tax :p.
  5. I got mine through Accredited First Aid.

    I've done it before, but those guys I actually enjoyed doing it with. They made it fun. And they kept using me as an example because I was the only chef and biker there.

    Most places will make level 2 a 2 day course but the Accredited guys send you a homework booklet that you do before the course and then you just show up for the practical stuff.

    It sounds crap, but it's a fun few hours.

    We were only there about 3 hours because everyone was just doing refresher too, so it was quick. Cost $160 I think.
  6. I just did my level 2 refresher with Parasol

    NFI on prices but the 2 instuctors I had were very knowledagble.
  7. thanks for the hot tip. Turns out though that Red cross are the same price as St Johns. That's not a negative, just feeding back.

    They don't have a course close to me on the day I'm hoping to take it... ah well. Thanks for the info though.

    ...and these guys don't have a convenient time either... but thanks for the info, they seem to be a serious player in the market.
  8. Hi Rob,

    Have done them via St Johns, Red Cross, DAN (Divers Alert Network) and even some guy BV contracted to run one years ago when I was a vollie for them.

    My experience only:
    St Johns - very much by the book, not much in the way of real world experience though in the instructors of theirs I've encountered.

    Red Cross - No issues.

    Divers Alert Network - Found these guys to be really good. The instructor (Mick??) was an ambo as well, so had plenty of real world tips. Also happy to tailor the course to us in terms of focusing on issues we were more likely to face as kayaking coaches.



  9. As an ex red cross volunteer (first aid / emergency services, etc) my 2c.

    Red Cross technically can be good / bad. If you get some bitter and twisted old volunteer teaching, they are bad. If you get an ex nurse / ambo they are good.

    St Johns, I'd say are the same, good and bad.

    Not sure about the private suppliers.
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  10. Hi Rob,

    Been a first aider for a few yrs now, best courses were those conducted by Vic Ambulance, but I don't believe they do them anymore, St Johns and Red Cross are good but pricey, for the last few yrs our company has use 1st Choice First Aid, nothing special about them other than they are less expensive than a lot of others, rates are here ... http://www.1stchoicefirstaid.com.au/rates.html

    INFO: CPR requires a 12 monthly refresher and Level II a 2 yearly refresher.
  11. I did my senior first aid through St Johns, FWIW they were pretty good.
  12. St Johns is highly recommended.
    And widely known.
    I did my original through St Johns and it was great. Bout four hours or more.
    Did the refresher through another mob. Bout an hour and crap.
  13. +1 St. John's

    I did my Level 3 years ago (has since lapsed as I have not completed refresher courses) HOWEVER - They are professional and well recognised.
  14. Yup. I've held Senior First Aid with St Johns for several years now. It's expensive, but you get ex-military medics and other professionals who train our emergency services and not just some kindergarten teacher with a penchant for rubber dummies. So in that regard, it's worth it. ;)
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  15. St Johns is getting a rap. Good to know.

    Aaaaand 1st choice don't have a suitable course date for me... lol
  16. Well, looks like I'm gonna blaze a small trail for NR.

    I've paid for a one day course with "First aid training melbourne CBD". There's an online component required to be completed before hand and then a full 8 hour practical day. There was another contender that had a similar program but only a 6 hr practical day, and another cheaper yet with a 3 hour practical day... I figured I might as well go for the one with a few extra trimmings. I'll let ya's know how it goes.

  17. FWIW, I did the course today. Pretty hard to fail.

    The online course component is open book, rinse and repeat till you get 100%.

    Practical course took most of the day - 7 hours. It probably didn't spent enough time on helping students refine CPR but the rest of the day was fine. Demonstrate some ability to do what's been demo'd and answer the multiple choice quiz.


    Worth a look.
  18. As I recall, some places include a bit of motorcyclist-specific stuff (couldn't tell you exactly what, having not done it), but most don't. Anyone know of any that do?
  19. The mob I went to do, if you ask for it. I stayed back to chat to them about some rider specific stuff. It's all pretty much the same except for the decisions around helmet removal and the how to.
  20. That's what I figured, but I also figure it's worth knowing since I ride frequently* and if I go riding with anyone else. No one likes buggered spines :(.

    *I can see advantages in knowing when to lie still and tell people not to touch me.

    Thanks :).