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[Melb] Rain :(

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by enforcer, Dec 21, 2005.

  1. Like I do everyday I check the weather forecast and have a stare at the clouds before I decide to ride to work...all forecast were fine but cloudy.

    Anyway I've just heard thunder and the clounds are starting to get darker.

    Hopefully it doesn't rain.

    Anyone else get caught out today?
  2. its guna rain. it is raining. i have to go to oakligh. im gunna get wet :(
  3. rain came in fromt mt evelyn direction i think

    it was spitting a bit here but its stopped.. just cool winds..
  4. Don't you just love rain......... in SUMMER!
  5. SYDNEY:- Bloody hot, bloody humid, not a cloud in sight & severe bush fire warnings...
  6. Jeez I'm glad I put the dririder in the gearsack even though I wore the leathers today.. 8)

    It's pissing down at Dromana, and doesn't look a lot better on the radar.. There's lots of thunder here at Seaford too.. :?
  7. Been off of the bike for a month.... Have the super dooper riding suit...

    I DONT CARE if it bloody snows.,... I am going to enjoy my ride home... The looooong way
  8. Was very hot here this morning. Nice big black clouds came over. About 20 big drops of rain and all gone. Back to watering vegie patch.

    About half hour ago, I'm in the middle of pruning trees beside the house and a very strong wind comes up, still blowing hard now.

    As for rain, what rain? Please send some. Ground like concrete. Grass all dead ready for fires. Please send rain.
  9. I'm heading down your way next week Brian - I'll bring some with me.. :D
  10. I HATE riding in the rain...most of my near accidents have been when I've been caught out in the rain :(

    Also the forecast said that it was going to be fine 'till the weekend... :evil: It was also nice and sunny earlier today :evil:
  11. Getting bored at the office.... Looking forward to some time off... Now, the weather (I am in Blackburn North) down here is starting to clear...

    I think I am going to jump on Mr Bike and go for a ride up the Spur and head home via Chum etc.......
  12. I work on St Kilda rd (near cop station, :shock: ), and we just had thunder and lightning, with a few drops of rain. Mind you, its sunny now, haha.

    Good thing I didn't ride in today.
  13. Working near Chapel St on malvern Rd...... Large Rainy bits and thunder for awhile.....gone now though
  14. Well i left home to go riding about an hour ago while the sun was shining and the birds were singing.Got home about 10mins ago from Arthur's seat.After cutting 5 laps i was chased away by thunder and lightning with moderatly heavy shower right on my tail :x :x

    It's summer for fcuk sake!!! And we do live in Melbourne after all?
  15. Didn't seem to get a drop of rain in richmond where I work.. Weird. Heard loud thunder once though
  16. Had a quick look at the rain radar around 1pm and decide to nick out to Elizabeth St to do some crissie shopping instead of later in the day, just got back.

    The rain radar loop functionality seems to be down but the single picture images arestill working.


    It's gunna get wet in the city real soon and those down Mordy or Frankston way are probably already wet.
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  18. I'm currently in Camberwell...after hearing one loud clap of thunder when I posted this thread it's gone away and the clounds aren't as dark anymore...but looking at the link pvda posted it loooks like some will be returning.

    I finish work at 7PM so hopefully it's not raining then.
  19. Getting a bit now with strong wind. Temp ok.

    Bring some anyway. Hope its fine for your ride though.