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[Melb] RACV road assist for bikes

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Roscoe, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    As I'm on my first bike (and it's been a whole 4 weeks since getting my L's) I was thinking I need to get some sort of road side assistance. I'm a complete idiot when it comes to mechanical things so I make sure I have the top RACV road side assistance for the car.

    But for the bike is there anything like this? Or are there businesses around who's number I should keep handy in the event of issue when I need a pickup to the mechanic?

    I mainly commute from Laverton to the city at the moment.
  2. I get road side assist with my RACV insurance for the bike.

    I have never had to use it, and to be honest I feel more comfortable making sure I remember the phone number of a netrider with a ute / van / some idea of mechanical stuff than calling them.

    There does exist some specialist motorbike recovery places in melbourne, which will generally be better set up for bikes than the RACV (I still cringe at the thought of lying a bike on its side to drag onto a truck !!) and I would suggest keeping the number with you.

    Can I suggest that the yellow pages is your friend !
  3. RACV have a separate motorcycle road side assistance package. Check their website.
  4. You could keep the number for "Rolling Motorcycle Repairs Mobile Workshop"
    They are in the partners page.
  5. It might be worth considering RACV Total Care, as this covers you for any vehicle you may be using, including bikes. It worked out cheaper than doing three separate vehicles for us, and you get lots of extras.
    But remember this does not cover accident damage, so you may want to have a number for a specialist bike recovery service as well.
  6. We've used it twice. Once for a brake problem on the honda lead and once when the kwaka had a fuel line problem and p*&&ed petrol everywhere.
    Both times they came with a special truck for motorbikes and took them away to the mechanics.
    The truck has a slot in the floor for the wheel and they strap them down and they didn't have to lie on their sides.
    The guy that drove the truck said he just did motorbikes and cars in car parks when they can't get the big trucks in.
    Saved a lot of drama both times.
  7. Well there you go, I didn't even check RACV had it because when I insured the bike I was told they didn't have road side assistance for bikes from the insurance rep.

    We already have total care for the car from RACV. So I guess that means the bike is covered already from what I can see on the web page... I guess there is no need for total care and bike assistance combined from RACV?

    twistngo - Was that RACV's total care or bike assistance or something else?
  8. RACV do have 'motorcycle care', and that is also part of 'total care'.

    The method of carrying a bike (as does the experience) varies between RACV franchises, but mostly they are fairly good.

    The problem is that the cover is breakdown cover not accident cover, so if you come off your bike don't expect RACV to pick your bike up for free.
  9. So then in the case of an accident is there a few companies numbers I should always keep handy?
  10. hi, we have the bike assist rather than total care as a few of us ride them and it was cheaper than getting total care for everyone.
  11. Unless the bike is a wreck after a prang (which RACV breakdown assistance won't cover anyway), it would be a rare thing to have a perfectly healthy bike dragged up on it's side on a tilt-tray truck. I have had my bike on a flat-bed many times and it has always been upright, secure and happy.
  12. If the Total Care membership is under your name, then you are covered for any vehicle you ride/drive, provided it's not a hire car, taxi or a vehicle over 4 tonnes (limited service for vehicles between 2.5-4 tonnes - ie: no towing or wheel changes).
  13. Typical VTR....you'd need the cover ;)
  14. Hire car? I have the Tas equivalent and they were happy to send the fella out to retrieve the keys from the boot that some silly woman left in there.
  15. Honda also offer an RACV/NRMA type package; it's called Honda Riders Club of Australia, check out www.hrca.com.au
  16. i was a break down mechanic for the RACV until about 4 weeks ago. i got sent out to 2 bikes in 6 months and one was flat so i jumped it and the other was a POS so i towed it.

    basically if your going to get racv cover on a bike it will cover you for towing and a taxi (maybe) thats it, they will send a patrol sometimes and generally other than a flat battery we will tow it. it pays for itself if you use the towing but other than that you wont get much out of it, if you crash your bike the RACV will not get involved and you'll have to organise a private tow.

    I personally wouldnt bother unless youve a bike thats likely to break down like a ducati but thats me.
  17. oh yeh and the guy before me is right you are covered in a hire car.
  18. As I have total care it seems I'm covered for break downs, I'll have to hit the web for accident related tows.
  19. Hmmm.....I stand corrected about the hire car.

    By the way Cantride, what unit ID did you use? I used to work in Resource until a few months ago.
  20. Unfortunately there are alot of patrols and contractors that won't touch bikes for simple things like flat batteries. You were a minority unfortunately. As a result in the assistance call centre it's a rule that if it's anything other than a flat tyre or out of petrol, then send a tow.