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[Melb] Queen Victoria Night Market Coffee Meet, Wed Dec 20th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by QNBEE, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. A few of us are meeting at the Victoria Market on Wednesday for our last mid week coffee get together before Christmas.
    The nights frivolities will include feasting on the glorious varied foods the market has to offer, great coffee, a walk around the night market stalls and of course the fantastic company of fellow NR's, and maybe if time and weather permits later, a ride may just be on the cards :wink:

    Meeting point will be at Maccas on the cnr of Therry and Elizabeth St @ 6:00pm, and there is ample parking on the cnr of Therry and Queen St.

    Hope to see you all there, with ya bells on if necessary :grin:

    Alli :wink:

  2. Sounds like fun, count me in :grin:

    and for late comers, incase we are off perusing the market, give me a call on my mobile 0410 388 486 and I'll let ya know where exactly we are!
  3. I should go to this bein a suzuki rider an all, but its a wait and see ATM.
  4. wait for what :?:

    come on...you know ya wanna :p
    besides, its a good opportunity to get those last minute gifts for your grandson.
  5. are cage drivers allowed???

    may be able to make it after work with the Mrs.... might be a time to comiserate my last day of a job.
  6. Drew, of course cagers welcome, you are part the NR community after all :grin: hope to see you there with ya bells on too :wink:

  7. This sounds great - put me down as a "definite maybe"! :grin:

    I'd better bring my BIG Ventura bag for all the produce (esp the yummy deli stuff)! :LOL:
  8. Dunno about bells... that's going to be hard to do tomorrow.

    used to have a santa hat but i think it got slept on by the cat at one point....way to hairy after that!!!
  9. I guess I should go and put my saddlebags back on the beast to cart my shopping home. :grin:
  10. I'm now a "maybe maybe" rather than a "definite maybe". :(