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(Melb) Pre-Christmas Yarra Ranges Ride (22rd Dec)

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by [FLUX], Dec 20, 2005.

  1. Right. Minister for Tourism has granted a leave of absentia, and so the offer's out for anyone who wants to join me on a blat through the fabulous Yarra Ranges, this Thursday, 22rd Dec.

    We'll meet up at the Shell service station in Emerald (just after the railway lines on the right as you come from the Melbourne city end). Melways Ref. 127 E4. Meet up at 9:45am, depart at 10:00am.

    Route is undecided, we'll figure it out on the day. Probably go up Mt Donna Buang for a squizz, then back down and up over the Reefton, and perhaps a little foray up Acheron Way until the bitumen ends (i.e. no gravel), and then back home down the Black Spur.

    So who's up for putting some rubber to the road?

  2. Argh, would've very happily been up for this had it not have been for the work thing. :( Hope the weather and roads are nice... i'll be sitting at a desk in CBD melbourne pushing paper.
  3. i may be up for it cathar

    let you know tomorrow

    went for a blat around emerald and belgrave tonight, a very serene atmosphere with the cool wind in the trees and the sun on the fields
  4. sounds so tempting... cept for the work thing for me as well... :(

    who knows. Maybe tomorrow I'll feel a scratchy throat coming on...
  5. mmmm.... have the afternoon off so might met you for the after stretch of the run, damn should do some bloody chrissy shopping tonight so i can go tomorrow
  6. It’s been a bit windy this morning up this way so a lot of bark and sticks out on them their roads. More wind and rain expected today.

    Having said that, I’m interested in getting another ride or two in before the end of the year. So if you are coming through Warby at lunchtime or after I might join you (that’s if I can get the last half of the last day of the year off)
  7. The Spurs (esp. Reefton) were covered in debris on the weekend and last week. I would image with the winds and rain today the Spurs will be in pretty bad condition..

    Take it easy if you do go as some of the corners are a tad slippery (or it might be just my shit tyres). You dont want to be spending xmas in hospital.


  8. Did the black spur last night, and only hit one corner with a tiny bit of lose gravel (so small didn't even see it) just felt the bike move mid corner apart from that the road there is in great condition as of 9.00pm last night.
  9. We'd be in Warburton twice. Once to head up to Mt. Donna Buang and back, then on to Reefton.

    At a rough guess we'd probably heading up Donna Buang run at around the 11am mark as we begin the ascent, and perhaps have an earlyish lunch break in Warburton after we come back down, then out of Warby by around the 1pm mark.

    Leaf litter is always an issue with Reefton, but rarely a problem. Might get the odd wheel movement here and there. The only issue would be any stringy bark or branches, but most if not all of that should be gone. Still, always best to play it a little safer after wind/rain on the Spurs.
  10. Hi

    I have to work but my brother may be interested. He is over from the UK on holiday and has my old Firestorm to ride. We live at Healesville, not far from the bottom of the Black Spur. So he could come across to meet at Warburton.

    Can you let me have a phone number to contact you. I can't pm you as The system won't let me - not enough posts to qualify, or something.

    Regards, Graham.
    9298 3160 (BH)
  11. Ok, will take the mobile.

    Phone No is: 0421637816
  12. Already have another riding from Healesville planning to meet us up at Woori Yallock, at the C0ckatoo-Pakenham road intersection. That'd be a ~20 minute warmup stint from Healesville.

    We'd be there by 10:20am-ish.
  13. Just a bump, in case any late-comers haven't seen this yet.

    See ya all tomorrow!
  14. i did Reefton and Black Spur yesterday arvo and i reckon i was the only vehicle on both, sooooooooo sweet it was indeed.
    But twas clear of crap and good cond but with the rains today who knows.
    I'm finishing tomorow at lunch so that's where i'm heading again might see you up there or might not :)
  15. Well one person did manage to make it, and heck, he's not even a member of OCAU.mc or Netrider.

    Malcolm, the brother of a Netrider forum member met me at Woori Yallock at the appointed time, 10:20, on a matte black VTR. The VTR's tyres were scrubbed right to the edge, Malcolm having taken it to a recent Phillip Island ride day. We reminisced over the differences of V-twins and in-line fours, before taking off.

    Did the slow crawl to Warburton, then through and up to the top of Mt Donna Buang. The Donna Buang road is an excellent piece of bitumen. Relatively wide and clean. Short length straights into a small series of moderate radiused bends, then onto another short straight, and repeats much like this the whole way up. Many decreasing radius corners on the way up though, so never a good idea to go into corners over-committed. Quite a few corners will start off sweeper open style, and then just out of sight around the corner of the hill-side, they'll tighten right up. Two hair-pins of note, one today had gravel all through it flicked up by cars, and another had streaming water across the uphill side entry. Since it was still morning, the sun hadn't made its way around to the north face of the mountain, and the roads on this side were still damp from the tall tree surrounds. Overall an excellent road, but a road to be taken cautiously until you're used to it. Quite steep coming back down too, so watch those braking distances.

    We pushed on to head over Reefton spur to Healesville, taking a quick detour along Riverside Drive, which is the back-way from Warburton to Warburton East. I almost came undone on one corner, not seeing pale blue shale gravel on the surface of one left-hander until way too late. Bike did a two-wheel slide out about 15cm before it was over. Had the gravel persisted for longer than the 2m or so of length it was, I would've been trying for some foot-down action to prop the bike up.

    On to and up Reefton. What can I say? Excellent road as usual, but had a few twigs here and there brought down by yesterday's winds. Malcom is an experienced rider and had been keeping on my tail up until now, but Reefton is familiar ground so I look a little more liberty with lean angle and throttle than when in "unknown road mode". I gradually lost sight of Malcolm further behind me and pushed on to the end, negotiating sticks and twigs mid corner at times. Get to the Marysville-Woods Point Road intersection, and wait, and wait, and then get worried. Malcolm shouldn't have been more than a minute or two tops behind. Back on the bike and head back in, very concerned. One km in, and there's Malcolm heading up the road as planned, so a quick U-turn and we meet up.

    Seems that Malcolm had hit one of the aforementioned twigs on the road at high lean and washed out the front-end totally at around 70kph on a tight right-hander. The VTR had lost it's right-side front indicator, and had a cracked right-side front fairing, and a few other scratches, but strangly also somehow had managed to bend the gear-lever linkage on the left hand side, and Malcolm had coaxed the VTR into 3rd gear and was riding in that one gear. I guess this is one of the beauties of the thumping V-twins, huge gobs of torque in any gear... Malcolm looked okay, and after a quick inspection nothing looked torn and no broken skin, but a sore and bruised right shoulder from when he hit the road.

    We made out way down to Marysville for some lunch and a good chat. I was amazed at the high spirits that Malcolm was in, despite his off. Malcolm insisted that I carry on without waiting for him, so I took the opportunity to explore Acheron Way from the Marysville/Healesville road intersection. Let me just say, you can all cross this one off your lists. Narrow, as in two cars widths wide with mirrors touching narrow, with trees literally right on the road's edge, and a road surface that's bumping and coming apart, with the bitumen surface ripped away to the underlying gravel underneath in many places, including mid-corner. This road may be "sealed", but it is far from safe. Avoid it.

    Back down the lovely Black Spur and into Healesville where I see Malcolm stopped off safely. Was great riding with you mate. Glad you're okay.

    Home again via Woori Yallock, C0ckatoo, Gembrook, Pakenham, and time to reflect once again on the fun and dangers of road riding.
  16. Is it only me, or does any one else find those tar "snakes" wiggling all over the bottom 1/3rd of the Reefton extremely slippery? On a hot day anyway. Had more than a couple of slips on them 2 weeks ago :shock:
  17. Not just you. I regularly get a few slips on the bottom third of the Reefton every time I head up there. Doesn't even take a hot day either. Quite often the bike will slip and move. Normally it's not such a big deal as the tyres just slip off a strip and end up in contact with bitumen, but when cranked over and going hard it certainly gets the heart pumping that bit faster.

    The bottom third is just ridiculously riddled with them in some sections. On some corners if they lay any more down, we'd be into the scenario of half bitumen/half tar strips.
  18. Just a suggestion for anyone inviting others to come for a ride. It might be a good idea at the start of the ride to say something like:

    'I'm going to tear off like a Valentino wannabe, trying to get my knee down on every corner, even though your from overseas and don't know these roads and on an unfamiliar bike. But don't worry, if you can't hang on to my tail light and get lost, I'll wait for you at the end of the ride and may even come back to look for you after a while.'

    But that's just me.
  19. we can summerise that in just one word "Reefton" but then maybe slower riders should ask about speed and such before they leave on a ride instead of trying to keep up or expecting others to slow and wait for them!
    Just my opinion.
  20. Hey vman you get that, mostly the ride organiser lets people know what class of ride it is when advertised, so you know whever to show up or not.